Jess Fink is an illustrator and graphic novelist living in New York, but she is originally from outerspace. Her graphic novels Chester 5000 and We Can Fix It are published by Top Shelf Comics. She has a degree in Illustration & Cartooning from the School of Visual Arts. Her illustrations have appeared in the New York times, the North American Review and more. Her t-shirt designs have won the Threadless contest many times.

Various anthologies have featured her comic work, SPX (2002/2003), Popgun (Volume 4, 2010). Her erotic comic work has been published by Fantagraphics books and featured in the Museum of Sex in Manhattan, NY as well as the Best Erotic Comics(Last Gasp, 2009), Erotic Comics (Abrams, 2009) and Smut Peddler (2013) collections.

She likes science, can't ride a bike and her favorite candy is marzipan.

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