January 21st, 2011


Hey Guys! I will be at the MOCCA comics convention this weekend! I won’t have anything to sell, or a table or ANYTHING but uh… if you see me you can say hello?

IN OTHER NEWS I will definitely be at TCAF in May to debut the Chester 5000 book! I WILL have a table and prints and all kinds of things for this con, so you should come!

Also, I did an interview with Tim O’Shea at Robot 6 in which I talk about Chester, NOT undressing your characters and the Tijuana Bibles:


ALSO, also, I did a comic about Victorians and Vaginas! You can see it below or on my tumblr: http://jessfink.tumblr.com/post/4343213626/see-the-high-res-non-tumblr-shrunk-version-here


  1. Eversist

    HAHAHAHAH, thank you for the informative infographic, Jess.

    Beautiful work, as always.

  2. Duck Duck Shark

    Vagina… is talking?!

  3. Tracy

    Victorian PSA comic is full of win! Thank you! I so needed to laugh this morning.

  4. Kat

    You are one of my favorite artists! The Victorian Ladies comic just cements that fact even more.

  5. theradical

    Oh man, SO FUCKING EXCITED for TCAF. I can finally lay my hands on a copy of Chester and read it awkwardly on the subway and train on the way back home.

  6. Charles

    This story arc makes me sad because I feel like things will abruptly end in a tremendously sad way for these two, who are so clearly in love. :*(

  7. Misanthrope

    OK, it still boggles my mind when dudes can’t find a clit… It’s the ONLY protrusion down there, not very difficult to locate.

  8. Seraph

    Oh, man…watching this storyline with a mounting sense of dread. It’s one thing to meet her in the main story as a young widow, but to see her now, happy with her husband…knowing that she finds happiness again only helps so much.

  9. Haley

    Ah! is that the scientist I see?