Why hello!

Welcome to the brand new Chester 5000 xyv website!

Holy crap I spent a lot of time trying to figure out this wordpress nonsense so that I could have Chester available for you folks again!
Thanks in no small part to eric who is GENIUS.

For anyone who used to read Chester on Adultwebcomics.com, thanks for finding your way back to him, you win boners!
For anyone who hasn’t seen the comic before, welcome! (don’t tell those other guys, but you also win boners!)

My plans for this site include more Chester comics, plus eventually getting all of my filthy archive of comics from my Fantagraphics anthologies and Dirty Limericks on here somewhere, or possibly under a new blog? Who knows! Apparently I have a high tolerance for pain when it comes to my comics and fucking things up in word press.

Anyway, be sure to check out my livejournal (under blog over on the side there–>) where you will find lots of updates, art and constant bitching from me.

sexy times!


  1. Pequena

    My friend told me to check out your site and I LOVE your Chester!! He’s so cute and romantic and I want one of my own!!! *cries* Please continue this comic!! *offers chocolate cupcakes* ;D

  2. mechabob

    Glad to see you’re back! Home the comic continues – it’s very fun & original!

  3. kmh

    Good to see Chester back!

    I updated link in my review from last year :)
    Clicky click

  4. Lily

    no ending on a cliffhanger!

  5. Rachel

    Hooray, Jess! I love Chester! So excited to see this updating again. :)

  6. L. Nichols

    congrats! good to see this up and running!

  7. Adam Cadwell

    Yay, for boners! And for Chester coming back. You’ve dressed up the site very nicely, Jess, it was worth the toil and trouble.

  8. Ayo

    Jess! This is great, congratulations!

  9. Mark Dominus

    I had no idea about this or any of this stuff. The only thing I knew about you was that you were the person who made that awesome time travel comic. So I am totally thrilled to learn that you have a back catalog that I have never seen, and I can’t wait to look at it.


  10. clinton waller

    poetic episode of chester

  11. Mandy

    Hooray!! I’m so happy to see Chester again. I missed him.

  12. Salvor-Hardon

    Holy crap Jess! I love your work, Chester is amazing but your shorter comics are so awesome as well! I wanna be your baby daddy, just for your comics! You are queen of bonerville!

  13. Jessie

    Hey Jess, sorry if this is an inappropriate place, but I saw your leaderboard ad on Anders <3s Maria, and it linked to adultwebcomics, rather than to this site. Just wanted to let you know.

    I might as well join the bandwagon and mention that I really love this comic as well. :)

  14. David

    I’m also from Anders Loves Maria, I’m so glad I clicked the banner ad, which I almost never click. Your comic is wonderful!

  15. Xviadd

    wow, i have never heard of you and i mostly read comics, but this is a visual masterpeace, i love every single frame, please keep doing what you do sooo well

  16. Cassandra

    I came across your site accidentally, and I have to say I love it! I love your humor and your style, you’ve got a lifelong fan!

  17. Benita Gould


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  19. chaos_isnt_here

    dude, I am loving your art, your style, just everything. Its just so awesome.

    and makes me love being an art student even more. :D cause I appreciate it much more.