contest almost up!

Hey guys! The Contest is almost OVER!

If you have sent in a submission, make SURE you have sent it to the correct address!

JessFink AT !

If you havent gotten an email response from me I probably haven’t recieved your submission!


  1. Hawk

    Thanks for that reminder! I sent it to by accident @_@ It should be submitted now

  2. Hawk

    And I just got mailer-daemoned… Is it or

  3. Nicole

    Hey, I just tried sending it again to your email. But I am still getting the “inbox is full, cant deliver message.” So what should I do?

  4. Lars

    It says your mailbox is full! D:

  5. Spencer James

    Yes, according to the last 20 e-mails I’ve tried sending you, your mailbox is full. = (

    Unless I’m really sorry about sending you the same message 20 times. = {

  6. Rayebs

    gah! i need my boners! i’m so lookin forward to the results!

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