March 2nd, 2010


Well everyone, here it is, the NEW and IMPROVED robot porn comic previously known as Chester 5000!

This amazing sure fire success is the result of some comments from readers I’ve had over the past 2 years. Comments that suggested a female robot, comments that questioned hey, why not some text? I did some cold hard thinking and said hey, why not kill 2 birds with one stone!

You see, I am a business person and a business person takes RISKS. In this case I risked it all on some random comments from people who probably didn’t even think it over that much. After all it is now spring! Time of renewal! More specifically it is the 1st day of spring. Even more specifically it is April 1st.

Happy Flerting!


  1. Reahidru

    What did you dooooo?

    But seriosly, this is awesome.

  2. Anna P.

    I love lady scientists!

  3. Lil Miss

    … I really hope this is a joke.

  4. Elli

    This makes me wonder what exactly Chester would say if he had actually spoken…

  5. Kore

    Daym, that was so fine.
    Always a delight, Ms. Fink

  6. Zeal

    Heheh hilarious! :D

  7. Little Gun


  8. kuroihitomi

    lol!! <333

  9. Babs

    This made me so very very happy, words cannot describe it. Well done!

  10. Lena

    I hope this is just the scientists bad dream…

  11. Dink

    That was utterly fantastic. Ahaha, splendid april fools joke! I had to hold my sides while laughing at this ‘what if’ scenario.
    Wonderful work! Ahaha!

  12. Kylie Batt

    не треба)…

  13. MrGiggles


  14. QuirkyBlonde

    I found this comic by accident and have just fallen in love with it! Your artistic style fits the story line beautifully and the lack of dialogue was, to me, an artistic plus. You told a wonderful love story in pictures alone, something that is not easily done. While I like the new plot line, to me it seems to lack the charm of the previous. I think in part because of the dialogue, in my opinion it detracts a small amount from your artwork. That being said, I’ll be checking back regularly for more updates and hope to see Chester, the Professor, Isabell and the Widow again soon!

  15. Yasmine

    Dear Jessica,

    I respect your statement and “I’m a business person and a business person takes RISKS.” Yet, as a business woman you should realize that you had a pretty unique product. Adding another character is fine, but the text…sigh. I second Lil Miss’s comment “I really hope this a joke.”

    Please refrain from succumbing to “some random comments from people who probably didn’t even think it over that much” and keep up the awesome work prior to adding text.

    The uniqueness of your work is the excellent art work and the lack of text-the hints the suggestions, the exclamation marks. I was enthralled when I cam across your work, as it was prior to this last update.

    I look forward to your future works, and hope you do consider the comments posted to your last update.

    Avid Fan,
    From Cairo, Egypt

  16. Kitty

    When is the next update?

  17. Maggie

    How did some of you retards NOT realize this was an April Fool’s joke?

  18. LT

    I miss Chester.

  19. WandaBee

    I’ve officially “read” this comic 6 times through, desperate for an update… Feed the hungry fans, Jess darling!

  20. darkamnios

    0o! Chester is gone still?
    is there gonna be any more updates?

  21. dayne

    I really enjoy your comic. the art-especially the different perspectives you use to convey movement-has definitely made me wonder why more comics arent done this way! that being said, id love an update!

  22. allyn

    i, along with many others it seems, are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the Chester story