March 6th, 2010



  1. Reahidru

    OK, this is officially hilarious.

  2. Joel

    So I just discovered this today, and read all the way through it. I hope this is a joke too, because having words in it ruins this comic. It didn’t need words to tell a great story up until this point.

  3. bAnAnA

    DAYM! you are a master of the English language.
    Seriously though, last panel is pure awesome. Hahahahaha
    But I think I do only love it as an April fool’s joke. A most excellent one. Thank you for the lawlz Jess :)

  4. Angel

    Did you get your site hacked or something?
    or is this a joke? Or parody? Its just..not funny or ..I liked your other stuff better.

  5. Foosline

    Please, the only reason you’re saying it’s not funny is because you don’t know whether it’s a joke or not (SERIOUSLY? You REALLY can’t tell? Look at when it was posted, for fuck’s sake), and the default response from someone who doesn’t get a very obvious joke is “OH BUT IT WASN’T FUNNY ANYWAY” so they hope they don’t LOOK stupid, even though they are.

  6. King Louis XIV

    This is ridiculous. I love it! Next time I’m gettin’ on some dude I am going to just yell “WE ARE GOING TO GET SO SWEATY. UP IN HERE.”

  7. Little Gun

    I personally have been laughing my ass off the entire time. (Gah, the parallels between the parody and the original just make this even better).

    I think it’s awesome when a creator can make fun of their own stuff!

  8. Weimann

    4th panel is hilarious.


  9. keyko101


    Lol, that needs to be a t-shirt. I’d wear it proudly.

  10. Tigergulp

    her breasts scare me XD

  11. hae

    lollll this is hilarious. I love you jessfink.

  12. An-G

    Heh heh…

    …the girl professor makes inferior robots to the boy professors’, doesn’t she? ;-)

  13. Kylie BattName

    Хорошее дело!…

  14. Kat

    “…UP IN HERE”

    So. Awesome.

  15. MrGiggles


  16. Joe Mamma

    An-G I believe that was uncalled for… *smirks*

  17. Kylie Batt


  18. Whoompis

    “We are gonna get so sweaty…. UP IN HERE.” That is beyond thug, Jess.

  19. JNgaio

    It’s kind of hilarious how upset everyone is getting. Waaaah I wanted to wank!

  20. Maggie

    I actually did a snort-laugh. Love it.

  21. msjackson

    “OH HEY” , lmao favorite line
    this a hilarious joke, love it

  22. Kira

    YES, SO SWEATY UP IN HERE! I’m yelling it too next time. XD

  23. lildirty14

    that thing scares me

  24. Radarwarner

    sooo sweaty :-)

  25. calambmity

    “You hid because you are shy.” HILARIOUS!