March 8th, 2010


This Chesty comic was an April fools joke. This is the LAST page. Please go here to read the from the first page: http://jessfink.com/Chester5000XYV/?p=305


  1. Lizzy

    JESSFINK I LOVE IT!!!! so silexy :]]]]]]]]

  2. Myrgon

    That… Was weird. :P

  3. Cade


    Oh man, stellar job Jess. Allow me to fistbump you.


  4. Bailey


    Happy April 1st!

  5. CodyBlues


  6. Stina

    ahahaha this made me seriously laugh out loud!

    love it, jessfink :) It’s good to see an update after so long

  7. Rebekah

    HAHA! I LOVE the way the shebot talks

  8. Monkei


  9. Sallymander

    Haha! Nice one Jess! XD

  10. Unrealt87

    Seconded xD

  11. Loki Caprion

    Ha! XD I get it! Awesome work!

  12. Katums the Fierce and Squishy

    April fools! XD Jess, You are hilarious!!!

  13. Lexiedear

    This is hysterical!!

  14. Kasbunny

    Pretty much the best April Fool’s comic ever.

  15. Mark, the other white meat

    And still, Jess Fink is queen of bonerville!

  16. Foosline

    You rock my world. That was hilarious.

  17. Ysabel

    “Flert” is the best sound effect ever.

  18. Carly

    That was amazing. Btw thanks for my birthday card in Albany! <3

  19. JAK2

    I thought she’d explode on his penis or something XD

  20. RaychelGreen

    lol lol lol Wow, most amazing April fools comic ever! Way to go Jess.

  21. Carl-E

    For a split second, it was “Wooo-hooo! An update!”

    Daym funny, though.

  22. katja

    lmao, that was excellent.

  23. Trey


  24. TexadelphiaKid


  25. Zen


  26. John Evans

    I’ll just consider this a “What If” or “Elseworlds” kinda thing. It was pretty fun. ;)

  27. Saorla

    heh heh heh heh look at it go….

  28. fasd

    you best be trollin nigga

  29. Stephen Wells



    Ok, that was a good one.

  30. Steve


  31. Posh

    OMGOMGOMGROFLROFLLMAO! XD I can’t even breath after reading that!! <3 I loves you.

  32. tflo

    that was… weird.

  33. DuchessRed

    *chokes on giggles*

  34. Lil Miss

    In the end though, gotta love April Fools ;D
    Priscilla lookin’ like the scientist, the scientist being all girly, and then the dialogue. Funny stuff.

  35. sarah b.

    hahahahaha jess fink you are a wonder! happy april fools’, i loved this :)

  36. Trix

    Bahahahaha, I love it, it’s great. <3

  37. Trix

    *reads other comments*

    How could people /possibly/ think this is not a joke? XD

  38. edentree

    okay I have been loving this comic from the beginning, and I want to say how sumptuously awesome it is that Jess can combine silliness and victorian romance and modern wit and robots. Also Chesty kind of reminds me of the robot from Spaceballs.

  39. PinstripedFanny

    I rather liked Priscilla with glasses, all mad scientist-y. Makes her even more attractive.

  40. Scathach

    ROFL…that rules…

  41. vyzion360

    *lmao* Nice! *lol*

    This was a good one! Definitely filed in the favorites. I’m not gonna lie, I forgot it was April Fool’s Day and was taken aback to read Google’s AFP! *lol*

  42. Taneli

    hahah, I’m dying over here.

  43. Nicole

    Love the site redesign that went with it. Brilliant.

  44. xero


  45. Lib

    That. Was. FanTASTic.

  46. John H

    LMAO! I guess she made the robot a little too real,lol.
    Also, this takes place in some alt. universe Victorian age, where women work and men stay home, I gather.

  47. RenRen

    Umm.. you guys.. she posted that almost a month ago.. it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, ya’ll are just late =/

  48. Hawk


  49. E-rip-mave

    Oh my god why. xD <3

  50. PuffyDuck

    Man, laughed through the whole thing XD

  51. Arista

    Best April Fools Ever XD
    Thank god the current comic is the way it is! <3

  52. Leena

    This was my favorite thing I saw on April Fools. Very hilarious.
    I did feel like smacking the people who didnt understand it was a joke and said it wasnt funny though.

  53. Lizzy


  54. NicolaRolla

    HA HA HA HA HA – This was just too much. Awesome awesome awesome. *cackle* I’d love to see Chester and Chesty get together for some Flert Vert action. Maybe they’ll be in competition with one another. Ha ha! Well done. :D I love how it parodied the first few of Chester’s comic. Oh the memories. *tear*

  55. Kristine

    Chesty’s chest scares me >.> they look like missiles

  56. Ahvo

    Best thing I ever read.


  57. Silkywater

    This is why normal Chester doesn’t have dialogue.

  58. darkamnios

    I haven’t checked the comic since the last “official” update ( for a while )so it totally caught me off guard until i read it was posted on April 1st ( for some reason I kept thinking March..)

    LOL indeed quite hilarious AND scary both at once! Well done!!! :P

  59. paul w.

    That was SO hot.

  60. Shannon

    This one got a giggle from me.

  61. Outi

    Oh my god! A vagina isn’t supposed to say that! Not even a robotic vagina! “Flert is just not cool! Run mister scientist man! RUN!!

  62. John

    *BOL* Dude! This comic made my day.

  63. Artgeek

    Haven’t checked the site in a while only to find 8 PAGE UPDATE!?!?!


    The words really do give the comic a different feel than the OG Chester. Reading these past 8 pages made me LOL actually out loud! The fact that the prof acts like he’s gay and emo and that Chesty talks like a 12 year old girl texting is hilarious!! Those poses he does are priceless.

    I really can’t wait for more!!

  64. Miss Lust-a-lot

    Cant believe that anyone who reads this comic would think the last 8 pages were serious. TOTALLY lmfao over them, but can’t wait for your original style and story to come back. xoxo

  65. :3

    hahaha that was a wonderful mini comic =D *glee*

  66. Ducky

    LOL Awesomeness abounds!

  67. anonymous

    moral of the story: female inventors suck

  68. ladyrae

    PRICELESS. <3 I laughed buckets.

    Also also, is anyone else in lust with lascivious Scientist? I do believe he gave me the vapors.

  69. LeafByNiggle

    Sorry I’ve never commented before, but these last few pages are /hilarious/.

    And something I just realized: I totally did not miss nor really thought about/noticed that there was no text. You comic is just that damn awesome. ;D

  70. n3rdg1rl

    Holy crap, I’m crying. >____>

  71. Belle

    Can’t…respond…laughing…too hard!!!! Greatest April Fools EVER!!!

  72. An-G

    Heheh…Jess, this is great. But it reminds me–do we ever get more Chester?

  73. Mimmy

    As funny as this was, when are we getting ~REAL~ updates…. *puppy eyes*

  74. Ozark

    I like her better than Chester :D

  75. Froggy

    It’s all good folks, if anything, this April Fools’ joke proves that Jess isn’t dead and fallen off the face of the planet.

    I think this was just her way of explaining to us “You’ll be gettin’ your lovin’ soon, now pipe down and drink your tea!”

    Ha. Tea.

    …speaking of tea, how does Jess feel about Fanfiction, since she does like fanart? I love writing, I tend to get more writing done than art and I’m still kicking myself over not finishing that Professor picture. While I can’t possibly compare to her work, I still think it’d be cool if we saw other people’s contributions/interpertations of the story…

    Just my two cents since I haven’t been here for a while.

  76. Gaylegee

    Ohhh lord…that was–interesting? Hehe that was an epic chest…seriously…awesome April Fools darlin!

  77. Raven Gold

    Atleast he got out of there before things got… painfull… (potentialy fatal!)

  78. Terri

    Fantastic! Thank you for posting that. I definitely did LOL out loud.

  79. Tigergulp

    i so want a FLERT! shirt now….

  80. batchix

    It’s like he’s being chased by an electronic lady gaga. XD

    just read through all your strips, AWESOME. <3 <3

  81. n3rdg1rl

    Tigergulp: Me too! I was just thinking about that.

    Also, nerdy Prissy is seriously hot… >_>

  82. eternellie

    aprilfools or no, still awesome!

  83. Nakita

    ..So this is why there is no dialog in this comic.

    Lmfao, this is amazingly hilarious.

  84. backspace2021

    Hahaha, This stuff is hilarious. I miss my curly borders!! In these new ones there is a distinct lack thereof.

  85. enkiRoll

    that is the scariest vagina i’ve ever seen o_o

  86. MrGiggles

    this was fkin hilariuse lol, your awsome jess

  87. Joe Mamma

    Jeez, this series almost hurts the feelings (o:

  88. S.J. Hartsfield


  89. Mr. Shy

    *Dies from laughter*

  90. bnmurphy

    … Okay, I think I speak for everyone when I say … we miss Chester … honestly …

  91. Juice1300

    Haha, honestly, it was great. I absolutely love the professor as a shy little girly-boy xD

  92. Gabe

    I don’t care what everyone else says, that was fucking hilarious. Bravo, Jess. This is exactly why I love you.

  93. DT

    Wow, a comic that knows how to make fun of itself effectively. I am impressed!

  94. Andar

    Pretty durn funny but it woulda been epic-er if her robo-tits were a little less torpedic and a little more… well just big. Dauntingly enormous would have been pretty o.O but floppy torpedoes are just :x

    excuse emoticons :p

  95. Lora

    You know what would be awesome? This updating again :(

  96. Trish

    Is there ever going to be more chester?

  97. renQuix

    i know i haven’t commented in a long while, but seriously… :3
    that was hilarious. i love you forever, Jess Fink! <3

  98. FLERT

    Daym, Jess, you’re a genius. XD XD XD

  99. Mr. Shy

    I haven`t laughed so hard at a comic in such a long time XD

  100. RobB

    But…but… does this mean there will be no more Chester 5000? Where do I go for my Chester fix?

  101. Leyomi

    That was awesome. And yes, when you see a skinny nerd boy running the heck away, don’t chase him, just stare at his backside.

    It’s probably more fun ^^

  102. Mari

    When is this comic going back online??

  103. Trix

    We miss you, Ms. Fink. Hope you’re getting lots of work done/relaxing!

  104. theguy

    I almost pissed my pants laughing!!!

  105. Amy

    We miss you very much. You and Chester and the whole steampunk gang. Come back!

  106. Irish

    Anyone know about when we’ll see more Chester? I’m not complaint, cause hey, free web comic that were blessed with getting to read. I just really miss the comic.

  107. Quinn

    I miss Chester. :(

  108. Squeeky

    uhm, miss fink, when are you coming back? We all miss you and your awesome work terribly.

  109. DuRĂªve

    … ha… haha…
    Bwahahahahahaha!!!! I need some superglue to re-attach my ass now cause I just LMAO’d. Great work.

  110. dewd

    yeah, i miss…

  111. Swedish

    What’s happening? Please Jess Fink, tells us what you are up to. We all miss your work.

  112. Argohn

    i found this website today, i read octopus pie, and there was this link, i alredy finished reading everything, and realiced that the last update was months ago :( will there be a continue??

  113. darkamnios


  114. kitty

    The great thing about only discovering this now is I got to read all of it all at once! Sweet snuggles overdose! Jess, thank you for this wonderful, adorable stuff. The parody at the end was just fantastic. Fear the FLERT!

    Please don’t feel pressured to update. If you do, hurray! If you don’t, we’ll always have a whole book full of Chester and Co. All you folks demanding updates, be less demanding, please. Art is a labor of love and takes time. Also, all good things come to an end, sometime.

  115. Angelofdeath3021

    I’m really miss this comic… hope it starts up really soon.

  116. Judy

    Please, please come back Chester!! You are so missed!!!

  117. Sidney

    What happened? Did you died?

  118. Liam_A

    Will there ever be more Chester?

  119. moo cow

    please come back! Weeee looooooovvvee yooooooouuuu!

  120. Molly

    Still no update? :( Makes me sad in mah pants.

  121. Luciana

    What happened? Did you died? [2]

    Please, come back! :(

  122. Shiruy


  123. fan

    Thank you for the story you take it to us ! It’s so funny and pretty !