Chester 5000 XYV
November 15th, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. GoGoRainbow

    this is my favorite, when she’s dressed only in her knickers due to workin so hard and hot!

  2. SlightlySapphic

    Mmm, pretty girl in knickers and a welding helmet, my favorite! <3

  3. Jack Munroe

    So appaerntly, in order to post a comment for this particular page, one must use the word “knickers” in a sentence. Will you look at that? I did it!

  4. Rayebs

    I like how the girl has a brain to go with her bod!

  5. Zephyrion


  6. Ysssk

    The more i read, the More i like. Steam-Punk meets Tawdry Romance Meets Mary Shelly (Well Her Sister anyway heheh)

  7. TharzZzDunN

    Quite true, as this work lends more to the salacious that the tawdriness of melodrama that never delivers satisfaction.

  8. Dillon

    It’s ribaldry, IMO.

  9. Tae

    I <3 <3 <3 this page. Women working hard and being mechanics in skimpy clothing. Wow.

  10. midga

    I would -love- a poster of panel 4. This comic is spectacular.

  11. Ninez

    That’s right, sugar. He’s the not the only one who can read a schematic and weild a blowtorch… *sings* Sisters are doin’ it for themselves…

  12. Carmine

    Gotta love a woman that can work with metal. =]

  13. Spindizzy Wizard

    Shades of early Girl Genius! She kept waking up in the lab having spent all night creating things in her knickers too!

  14. Jesi

    see problem is, Ima chick, and I weld… And if you wld in you knickers you might get slag burns on your tits (You WILL get a wicked sunburn from the torch)

  15. Mika


  16. Tarlonis

    @ Ninez Actually….I’d say He WROTE the Schematic. IMO
    @Jesi Nice! The world needs more female welders :D

  17. Foosline

    I love how she’s repairing a robot while using a freaking BLOWTORCH and wearing a bustier. Ouch.

  18. Also Madison

    @midga Oh my gosh, good idea! Chester 5000 pin-up posters!

  19. Mikhyel

    Wow. Super-hot. I totally would also love a poster of that panel. Yum.

  20. anon

    panel 4, Hottest panel yet.

  21. Tatiana

    I could of sworn I’ve seen panel 3 somewhere… Damn photobucket…

  22. Juliet A

    Shades of Flashdance!

  23. Sally Says

    Nothing hotter than a chick welding!!

  24. ed cantor

    I love a girl in a welding corset!

  25. Wolf

    This is awesome! I’m really enjoying this comic so far!