January 8th, 2011


Some exciting news: the Chester 5000 book is being printing as I type this! This very second of this very day of this very week! You can pre order your copies right here:


  1. Jordyn


  2. Nio

    Hooray! Very exciting!

  3. Duck Duck Shark

    Awesome. Can’t wait for more.

    I take it this will possibly cover Isabella’s life prior/up to her introduction in Chester 5000 (or maybe up to and past the last Chester 5000 chapter where she and Robert get together), and introduce us to her dearly departed husband?

  4. Eversist


  5. Southpaw018

    I love how powerful your storytelling is, Jess.

  6. Conzeit

    hmmm, I guess in the end he was no romeo, he was just a gear and that’s when Chester came in…….I’d love to see how it comes to that point!

  7. Kate Bresnahan

    This is o sweet and cute, and I’d be reaaaallly looking forward to this story if I didn’t already know that she’s been simply called “the widower” before :( So excited for new Chester pages! Jess Fink you just get better and better <3

  8. An-G

    Oh my god oh my god. This is so great.
    And I agree with whoever said (on LJ) about the speechless word bubbles being pretty great.

    They kind of make me think of the sims!

  9. Alain

    After being floored an thinking like the others that this is great in every possible way, I noticed that, as for Chester those wordless word bubbles mean that everybody will understand and will leap with joy in countires where BDs are widepread, like France, Italy, Spain…