COVER/PAGE ONE: Chester 5000 XYV
August 30th, 2008

COVER/PAGE ONE: Chester 5000 XYV

The first half of Chester 5000 is collected in a book or PDF for your reading pleasure ( 144 pages, published by TopShelf comics). Order or download here:

Also on Comixology:

You can also see a preview and order my NEW book We Can Fix It, A Time Travel Memoir, here:



  1. CatBar

    Great drawing style and good graphics. Quite fancy Chester myself – he looks a good working ‘bot.
    Have you thought of portraying other human/robot ‘ships? Ei, Asimov’s Elijah Baley and R.Daneel Olivaw…

  2. jellybellyboom

    XYV= eXamine Your Vagina?

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  5. Mundungus

    This is spectacular and I am recommending it to all of my friends who are over the age of consent in their respective homelands. Thank you!

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  9. Каталог статей

    I congratulate, your idea is magnificent

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    [...] Chester 5000 XYV: Warning–totally adult content. An ongoing graphic novel about a woman, her too-busy scientist husband, and the robot he builds. Jess Fink does great work with panels, swirling borders and partitions naturally into the action of each panel. Additionally, Fink is excellent about expanding our understanding of her characters and their emotions, something that should extra points with readers because she does it so perfectly without any words at all. Chester also deviates from the expansion of other erotic comics and graphic novels online–it remains free of charge. [...]

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  14. Beau Allenbrand

    I’d have to concede with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!