January 11th, 2011



  1. Malkavius

    Your mom’s right, you do draw great boobs! And awesome faces too.

  2. Robby

    hot hot hot!!!

  3. Nobilis Reed


  4. matt w

    yay youre back :D

  5. M

    YAY! Chester’s back!

    well not actually Chester, but the comic.

  6. Bill

    Lots of people can draw couples shagging, but the way you capture your characters’ passion and emotion makes your work wonderfully erotic.

    It’s the difference between “looking at those nicely drawn girlparts makes my boyparts feel good ” and relishing in the pleasure of a couple’s blissful dance of love, charged with sensual tenderness and powerful, unabashed desire alike.

    tl;dr: you rock

  7. Duck Duck Shark

    I always did love your knack for doing facial expressions.

  8. TexadelphiaKid

    w00t! We have quality entertaiment again! Thankie kindly :)

  9. n

    So glad this updated again!

  10. Haley

    @Bill couldn’t have said it better if I tried.

  11. Haley

    ps: wasn’t til I scrolled back up that I noticed how very excited George really is! *waggles brows* I love this comic so much. I’m glad you’re back, Jess!

  12. Jill

    I love his noticeable erection and how she’s kinda perched on it in that last panel. Very hot

  13. Rinny

    it’s so cute, and hot! Your artwork is super amazing!

  14. GynoNeko

    Awesome awesome comic. I can’t wait to see more. MAKE MORE!! :D

  15. JennyB

    Woo, new updates! Hot stuff! ^^

  16. GlassFlowers13

    god I love this comic.