January 17th, 2011



  1. Someone

    Too hot to handle!

  2. c.a.h.

    so awesome, the boots and garters are such a great detail! Agree with the above comment, all the body movements and positions are so believable and well done, the curve of his back in the thrust, also her facial expressions on the previous page. So glad CHESTER is continuing!

  3. NotAParagon

    <3 the boots aswell. One of my favourite pairs of heels those :)

  4. Duck Duck Shark

    Seconded on the sweet ass on that man. He’s just hot as anything, period.

    Also, there’s something insanely erotic about the close-up penetration panel. I can almost actually feel it.

  5. lucy

    I am deeply in love with this page. The boot popping out of the last panel is such a nice detail!

  6. Haley

    phew *fans self*

  7. X_Intolerable_X

    It’s pretty rare for me to find something I can actually call “Tastefully Explicit”

    Love your work.

  8. lil

    Ms. Fink, you sure do give me the vapors!

  9. Angelica

    yeah, whoah! that is some nice man butt.