Chester 5000 XYV
October 2nd, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. GNM

    this made me rofl…. does oil give UTIs?

  2. hae

    I love his “OMG, I’m SO sorry!” face. perfect.

  3. renQuix

    it’s so cute how he’s embarrassed.

  4. Doorviant

    That is really sweet. He looks so worried that he has offended her/dsrespected her and like he is embarassed, and she is just like “Hey… hey now, no worries. Come here, Love.” Those last 3 panels show a lot of love.

  5. Dani

    Spit or swallow? Spit… definately spit… lol

  6. StormWarning

    GNM, I rofl’d too!!! It’s adorable! :)

  7. higgy

    Ha! Definitly not expected! Why would her husband design him like that, I would hate to have oil all over me.

  8. heh


  9. Kira

    It is really sweet, his so sorry look. ^_^

  10. A new reader

    Spwooo! Hilarious sound effect.

  11. Froggy

    I’m trying to avoid making a lubricant joke right now…

    The sweetness of the last panels made me d’awww.

  12. X Intolerable X

    And up through his c**k came a bubblin crude.

    Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.

  13. Kirby

    Yeah, I dunno, I have never seen that in Texas. But then again, where do you find Chesters? Jess, you should make plushies.

  14. Tarlonis

    ROFLMAO Very nicely done Intolerable!

    Hmm…I wonder if Chester could be made to run on Peanut Oil instead of Petroleum Based…heehee

  15. LittlebitLost

    I think she’d actually prefer that he made an oily mess of the chair instead of her insides.

  16. Katie

    XintolerableX was referring to the beverly hillbillies i believe.

  17. KathTeaChin

    is it edible? XP i like the last few panels… awwww

  18. ellipher

    this is one of my favrote parts in the story. Chester looks sooo embarassed and she is just sooo much in love with him. The look she gives him in the last panel is filled with love and affection for her sweet robot lover

  19. Bekah

    So sweet. A really tender page.

  20. Kira

    I so adore this page. <3

  21. Me :3

    You really have to assume that her husband, since he made Chester in order to please his wife, not hurt her, made him with lubricant that’s safe for her. Not sure about taste, but I kinda doubt it would be the kind of oil that he couldn’t safely rub on her or even come in her with..

  22. ta da

    I kind of assumed it was a malfunction/ overloaded circuits since he was basically designed to be a walking dildo (and lets face it a cumming dildo is kind of creepy unless it’s chester)