Chester 5000 XYV
October 4th, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. Jake

    This comic is kind of sad, when you think about it. She’s living the life with this robot that she wished she had with her husband.

  2. Ororo

    I LOVE Chester all dolled up!! There should be more panels with him in a coat, he’s very dashing.

  3. Kira

    He is quite dashing in that coat. Very dapper. I love that they have fallen in love and are out together on cute outings

  4. Kirby

    Honeymoon phase?

  5. starfleur

    I agree Jake, very poignant.

  6. Jill

    He’s quite dashing, but I find it odd that no one in 1881 seems to be freaked out by a dressed-up android walking around town. Then again, the fact that it was possible to even build Chester implies that this kind of thing might not be so rare in this alternate universe. In short, IT’S A WEBCOMIC AND I NEED TO RELAX lol

  7. KathTeaChin

    They make such a great couple… But it’s sad that her husband couldn’t spend this much time with her…

  8. Dragon

    Awwww I noticed she wears his key around her neck

  9. Rowen Morland

    My heart is an apple!