Chester 5000 XYV
October 16th, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. Carmine

    He has no right to look all “WTF?” in the bottom left panel. The robot’s just doing what he built it for and the lady’s just using it for what he originally intended. No need to get all butthurt, you know?

  2. A new reader

    Her breasts look so good in the last two panels. OM NOM NOM.

  3. Kira

    I really really love this one… a lot… the middle of the night intimacy… and her breasts DO look amazing.

  4. Tarlonis

    At this point his raised eyebrow isn’t saying “wtf” to me…it’s more like he’s observing a behavior/use of the robot that may not have been originally intended. IMO

  5. Raintalon

    Woah, I just noticed that she doesn’t have one of those nearly-impossible cartoon bodies that would be impossible without extensive diet & exercise! It’s actually accurate for her lifestyle… I really like that! :D

  6. Foosline

    I know the husband/scientist is kinda jealous-seeming and all, but… he’s hot. I’d totally plow him. Of course, considering that’s why he built Chester for his wife, I guess he wouldn’t be all that into it.

  7. KathTeaChin

    maybe he intended for chester to ‘fill in’ when he’s absent

  8. Emma

    It occurs to me that the husband/scientist might not have programmed Chester to do all the things that he’s doing (i.e., cleaning house, wooing/cuddling his wife). Maybe Chester developed an artificial intelligence and is acting on his own, and that’s what’s baffling the husband.

  9. Galebaby

    He intended Chester to take his place while he was at work. I guess he just expected him to fall into disuse while he was home even though he still continued to ignore his wife while he was home.