Chester 5000 XYV
October 18th, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. vyzion360

    Oh my … well-equipped indeed …

  2. Ashvati

    That explains what makes him so good at fingering.

  3. Stellabl89

    I would be in love too!

  4. Ninez

    Mmm…looks like Chester has Bill Nye there beat on so many levels. He cleans, he pays attention to her, caters to her whims, and gives her massive Os with vibrating heated fingers. Robot lover FTW.

  5. Leia


  6. LittleEmoRainCloud

    must have!!!

  7. calli

    I want a Chester too!

  8. Kira

    Sweet lord, I think all of us ladies could use one of those Chester’s.

  9. Froggy

    Good god almighty, why can’t we put NASA to work on making Chesters instead of space shuttles? Then the world would be better because all the bad guys would get laid!

    And it could be that I just really want one myself… :P

  10. Prime

    most of the “bad GUYS” are men. giving women robots that made them not have relations with men would cause and exponential growth in “bad guys”

  11. IronDino

    One method this could be used is that a female Chester could be made for the guys.

  12. Froggy

    Isn’t that basically a recurring fantasy? Fembots?


  13. Tarlonis

    Actually….we have a glove at home in our bedroom with vibrating finger pads, I highly recommend one. :)

  14. miame

    oh my god i want that robot……

  15. Amy

    Seriously…. These pages with the features are a really good selling point… If Chester 5000 ever actually gets built… I’m throwing away every vibrator I own and investing.