Chester 5000 XYV
October 21st, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. Meep

    You know you are a sad sad man when you are jacking off to your wife getting banged by a robot that you built.

  2. Tarlonis

    I’ve been trying to decide and I’m finally positive now, her asshole should be closer to the bottom of her lovely cunny. There’s too much space/taint is too long. (hmm do women HAVE taints or is that just men come to think of it…)

  3. Regina

    I don’t think he’s a sad man, it’s just that his priorities are a little bit messed around and he cannot quite keep up with his lovely wife’s libido. I am very much looking forward to an adorable marriedcouple/charmingrobot threesome.

  4. Foosline

    Scientist-man is probably thinknig right now, “Best damn invention EVER.” So’s his wife.

    Scientist has a cute ass, by the way. Love the artwork.

  5. Jill

    Top three panels: HOT as FUCK.

    I know that wasn’t a very refined response but it was the most appropriate thing I could think of lol