Chester 5000 XYV
October 26th, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. Meep

    Gah, domestic violence! Quick Chester, activate Protect Woman mode!

  2. Tarlonis

    I don’t believe he struck her, it seems he’s simply snatched the necklace/key from her neck.

  3. Tarlonis

    Her response is ?!
    That makes me think…”What do you mean, I’m not in love with ‘it’ “

  4. z

    Her “!?” is while she’s pointing at him. It seems much more like a “You love me!? What do you mean you love me!?”
    She feels neglected.

  5. Offendi

    Tarlonis: Look at her pose, she’s clearly trying to defend Chester. Her finger made me think of (slightly improbable) “Do YOU love me?”

    Or, more gently, “Will you come between our love?” To which the natural response is Robert’s action.

  6. Paxie

    I think she’s more saying: “What?! You made him for that purpose/for me to love!?”

    Am I the only who totally saw this coming -and STILL get moved by it anyways?!