Chester 5000 XYV
October 28th, 2008

Chester 5000 XYV


  1. danish sea wench

    i adore the fact that this comic has no written dialogue, simply sound effects… it makes it so much more interesting, actually!

  2. Ashvati

    Oh noes… :(

  3. Los

    I guess this is well written because I’m already pretty pissed at her lazy ass husband taking his ball and going home since the game didn’t go his way. Asshole.

  4. Dillon

    His heart can only be accessed through turntable scratches, just like mine!

  5. Joy

    oh chester…
    I feel so bad for her.

  6. Carmine

    The lack of dialogue makes it that much better, I feel. It allows the reader to really think of what’s going on, what might be said and come to their own conclusions.

  7. Tarlonis

    @ Carmine I agree completely. None of us are right, none of us are wrong (well mostly) we see partly what we want to see, or what our own personal baggage reflects in the art.

  8. Rubeh

    and what’s he gonna do now, the asshole? run off to his lab and forget about her again.

  9. Offendi

    I wonder why he fitted that heart in the first place.

    If he thought he was creating a super-dildo he might not have expected this, but he looks like he intentionally gave Chester a heart. What’s the only thing that could lead to?

  10. Michael

    the lack of speech goes along with the black and white and the time period– silent film.

  11. Dante6686

    I can’t believe how fiercely girls defend Chester and it’s sad to think the only reason is probably not a moral one but that each one of them would like a fuck machine like him – we guys always get bullshit for thinking with our other heads but to me the girls think with teir cunts – a thirteen year old or so boy can listen to Rihanna on the radio singing about how she wants to be fucked hard… you’re sad…

  12. Rowen Morland

    But Dante did the Chester loving girls say these things to you? You should be happy that they love him the way you want to love things you should want them to be more open about their desires so you can all love freely and not hate.