March 9th, 2009



  1. Scott Gallatin

    Do you color with marker? Or maybe watercolors?

  2. JessFink

    It’s ink wash! Same technique as watercolors but with ink!

  3. Eyepatchmcgee

    YEAAAY! a Word press site!! oh man you are making me want to do this! Also ooooh man new comic SO EXCITED MUST TELL FRIENDS!
    Once Again I’m all sorts of impressed with how you can tell stories without words!

  4. Tas

    This is fantastic so far. :)

  5. dellargh

    The namelessness of the characters (apart from Chester 5000, of course) is beautiful.

  6. jenntropy

    it is exciting to see an update! you are amazing, and I love this story.

  7. Sola

    Yay, an update! I find this comic so lovely in its restraint.

  8. Kitten

    At Dellargh: The characters do have names, check out the character page. For Example the main girl is Priscilla, I don’t remember the rest…

  9. Mercury

    He has a fine chest, though… *grins wickedly*

  10. fffyamxm

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  11. Profile

    Oh Jess you’re supposed to have a profile; if you don’t have one, who will?

  12. Froggy

    Damn you for knowing my fetish for dark-haired smart dudes in glasses.


  13. Mystery Man

    Yes! The scientist scores once more!

    Who needs blondes anyways?

  14. Tarlonis

    Scientist, NOOOOO! Don’t do it! Then you’ll be as bad as your wife!

  15. Also Madison

    @Kaya I don’t know, I think the scientist is kind of justified in this, because he has just been injured emotionally and physically, and he’s not exactly making the first move here. Whereas at the beginning, Pricilla only has her libido (albeit a strong one) to lead her to Chester, and she had to turn the key. Also, I kind of thought her reaction that first time was more along the lines of “Ohmigosh, a robot D: ” and only very slightly “But my hubby!”

    But hey, that’s one of the beautiful things about speechless comics ;D Open interpretation!

  16. Star-E-Skies


  17. zymish

    I think Also Madison said it quite well. He’s wrong, yes, but he’s looking for comfort. I mean, he can’t exactly go to his wife for it right now.

    Also yay, open interpretation. I love that there’s already such a clear divide between those rooting for the scientist, those rooting for the wife, and those denouncing both. xD

    As for myself, I think they both made mistakes, but that’s what people do. I hope it all works out for both of them (and Chester!) in the end.

  18. S

    I like the parallels with the previous page – healing, starting to get closer, but then pain bars the way.