March 25th, 2009



  1. Cheshiremiko

    OMG THIS IS A AWESOME COMIC! ur details! ur depth and angles and perception…the way u capture the story without even having to have words! its amazing!

  2. Akamar

    Very fascinating.

  3. TharzZzDunN

    The very first case of robotic heart surgery!

  4. Ninez

    C’mon…wanna see his nose light up…*Starts humming the Operation game jingle*

  5. phantasmagoria

    It is really heartening to see the scientist show some empathy here. Whether or not he should’ve seen it coming, he has been through a lot of pain, and it’s nice to see him put aside his own feelings for Pricilla’s sake. Jess you rock.

  6. Silverjak

    both of the women are supporting their respective men. well, man and robot…

  7. Tarlonis

    (ahHA! Yup the Key!!)

    Well THERE’s yer Problem!

  8. Tarlonis

    @ phantasmagoria
    Well Stated!

  9. Foosline

    Huh. I didn’t realize Chester had an actual nose-nose. I thought that particularpart was flatter, due to that cunnilingus-doohickey that he popped on where a nose would be way in the beginning.

  10. Bloop


  11. spacylilly

    has nobody thought that the robot has developed these things? that maybe he did start out as a glorified dildo, but that hes become more?

  12. trilli

    1: I love this comic
    2: I wanna play operation now, and remove a broken heart
    3: (to bloop) Because you can never appreciate the good with out the bad; without pain, he could have not been able to feel pleasure, and therefore, would not have been as good a lover :]

  13. NoobSauce

    Panel 6, that is Jess with welding goggles.

  14. fran.

    this is for the all people who said the scientist was only fighting for himself, for his pride, to be able to control Priscilla, and not because he actually cared for her.

    guess you feel pretty dumb now huh. :/