March 30th, 2009



  1. Chady

    While I love the drawings and the idea of this comic of this lady having a robot comic. No way could I see the guy whatever his name is fixing the robot after all the hardship it has caused him. Really imagine in any single divorce situation would any guy do that. Humans are petty and cruel and maybe while you have gotten the robot’s emotion’s down flat you lost sight of a real person’s

  2. Sheryl

    This is such a wonderful comic! I am amazed by how well you tell a compelling story without words (barring the occasional sound effect). Your art style is wonderful and your writing is quite intriguing. Very nice work.

  3. Saorla

    heh wow this is really cool. I like the lack of words honestly. It gives the comic some serious style which only adds to the drawing technique of it which is very much you own I think. the stories cool too. ^-^

  4. fichi

    Simply awesome,. catching story + lovely style..
    im in love with this comic :) !! consider me as your new follower

  5. vyzion360

    Well, isn’t he such a great sport … I agree with Sheryl, the fact the entire comic is silent adds a whole new level of character and charisma to your work.

  6. Gizmo

    Wow, very redeeming action right there. Way to go mister scientist!

  7. HermioneGrangerTwin

    Agreeing with everyone here and saying love the lack of words. The expressions say so much more. :)

  8. anon

    Their little look in the last panel kind of made me tear up a bit. Her expression of forgiveness, I guess?

  9. Ashvati

    I think its gratitude

  10. Los

    It took getting his ass handed to him by a robot and his wife leaving him, but good to see the scientist isn’t a total douche.

  11. Justin

    This is not unbelievable at all. People are capable of some amazing acts of generosity and compassion at times.

  12. Tae

    Glad to see him get to redeem himself!

  13. xLaceration

    I would totally bang him.

  14. Catskinner

    Chady, I disagree. If he were being left in the cold I’d say you are right, but he’s found someone else. He needs to look good for his new girl, and be it new love of infatuation, that first flush makes the world a brighter, more forgiving place.

  15. DapperAnarchist

    @Chady – he loves her, he really does. And perhaps he’s had an epiphany moment.

  16. Mystery Man

    Once again, the scientist proves that he’s the better (and only) man.

    I just hope he goes on to be super rich, marries the brunette, and forgets about this whole situation.

  17. The IW in Taji

    He created the robot because he loved pricilla so why wouldent he recreate it.. He probably still loves her

  18. Tarlonis

    Great….now when he runs amock there’ll be no stopping him. :P

  19. Tarlonis

    amuck too.

  20. Emma

    I love the last panel. There’s so many ways you can interpret those expressions.

  21. Offendi

    I always knew the scientist would redeem himself!

  22. zymish

    @Tarlonis Also “amok”. ;)

  23. Dixi

    I would just like to point out that the scientist created the whole problem himself by making a robot because he was too busy to satisfy his wife. So… Yeah.