April 1st, 2009



  1. Water

    This appears bittersweet to me, and it’s kind of sad. But maybe part of me was hoping for a threeway instead. =P

  2. Mortal Soul

    I am begining to like this comic alot. Though I would like to know why there is a lack of dialogue. Not that there is anythig wrong with it, i would just like to know the reason ^^

  3. AJ

    Absolutely love the comic, when is it getting published in old fashioned dead tree format? I can’t wait to get my wife to read it.

  4. alex

    YAY! chester is back!

  5. Saucy


  6. V

    I just read the whole thing and I must say, I LOVE this. The imagery is beautiful, the art is fantastic, and the lack of dialogue cuts out unnecessary banter.

    FANTASTIC! I love it. I’ve already sent the link to a few friends. Brava.

  7. AJ

    @ Mortal Soul

    Because some things same more without words

  8. Shade

    Yourrrrr myyyy steampunk loverrrrrrrrrr…

  9. kemix

    I enjoy the comic a lot, I love it, and the fact there are no words portrays the characters feelings and such even more than mere words could.

  10. Rayebs

    Ooh la la la! Very erotic, love the way the bodies flow in the adult scenes! And the building love story, the amazing use of facial inflections and body language, truly superlative!

    Curious though, the sound effect ‘vert’ is used often… is this a particular reference? or just the sound of extendo metal?

  11. Kim

    I have to admit, I’m not used to viewing such explicit comics, but this one had an uber-sweet storyline. Glad I checked it out.

  12. Bills

    I love this comic, your style is amazing and it’s different than the ordinary webcomic. I want to read more! I love your art as well, I can’t stop watching your galleries. I want to see more! More, more more! Hehe.

  13. Kim

    You know, it’s usually a cute female robot who devotes herself to some guy. This is a refreshing turn-around.

  14. iSquid

    awesome comic, great emotional honesty with the whole silent thing.
    vaguely makes me think steampunk Anders <3 Maria…in a good way.

  15. Sensei3

    I totally concur with my fellow comic-readers about the greatness of this artwork, but I must ask, how can Chester kiss the protagonist without having a mouth?? I’m absolutely puzzled here :S

  16. Keaton

    Wow, I just read all of this to this point and it’s a really interesting comic. It’s so lovely and the story is so sweet and sad. XD I was cheering on Chester in the fighting scene. Lovely comic! I can’t wait for more, it’s so wonderful.

  17. Obeliske

    Beautiful just simply sweet and beautiful at first i wasnt sure if i should be offended i was like OMFG nudity in a webcomic!! then i was like sure why not and “read” through it the lines and subtlty of the expressions its beautiful all the way through im not sure who wrote this but they really are amazing and very much deserve to do this proffessionally.

  18. JeSiKaM

    I stumbled upon this comic via reading Menage a 3… I love the victorian era style layout and drawing. Great concept and refreshing take on an adult topic.

  19. Roxattisa

    now in my rss reader)))
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  20. Yhsla

    I actually like the sweet kind of side-story between Robert and Isabell, actually. It seems a little more approachable than the sort of saccharine-stereotypical nature of what’s between Pricilla and Chester.

  21. Gizmo

    Yes, I agree with JeSikam. I LOVE the victorian era style – it adds a lot to the overall feel and nature of the comic.

  22. Speawless

    Not bad.
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  23. Ashvati

    @Karasuma: I’m not sure if you know where to look, if you’re having trouble looking for erotic webcomics 0.o

  24. Ninez

    @Rayebs: Errm…I dunno, I don’t write the comic…but…I always think of the air-compressed socket wrenches that mechanics use to take the bolts off of tires. *verrrverrrVERRR…vrrrrrrr*

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