April 6th, 2009



  1. Jen

    D’aaaaaaaaww :)

  2. seserakh

    And… and then they had a foursome? :D

  3. Danni

    I want my own Chester :’(

  4. Fel

    Aw, that’s so sweet. <3

  5. Gizmo

    I’m so glad everyone ended up gettin’ along! So sweet!

  6. Kane

    Ahh… that’s better.

  7. Ashvati

    I still think of Robert as the Pariah, but still, everyone’s friends again! And they’re having a tea party! :D

  8. Elaine

    Yayyy, all friends now!
    …for now =/

  9. hae

    me too danni. me too. <{3

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  11. Carmine

    At least now everyone’s happy. ^^

  12. E-rip-mave


  13. Tarlonis

    Hmm…with Chester’s heart removed…he wasn’t terribly lovey-dovey with Priscilla…but he was pretty angry/fighty…If he’d never removed the robot’s heart, AND he had talked about how he felt about Chester and Priscilla…I say there could have been a 3 way happilly ever after. IMO.

  14. Foosline

    I smell an orgy brewing.

    Or maybe that’s the tea. Maybe tea smells like orgy.

  15. Mikhyel

    I admit, I find myself thinking that maybe they’re all friends now, but that’s still gotta be really, really awkward.

  16. zymish

    @Foosline I can tell you with certainty that tea, in fact, does not smell like an orgy.