April 8th, 2009



  1. Kryss

    I’m so happy to see this has been updated!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Ryutso

    I sense an orgy coming.

  3. Xonoxus

    this comic was really enjoying !
    and i really like your style !

  4. seserakh


  5. Artgeek

    I swear i check this site 5 times a day just to see the next update!! I like how they’re in the middle of a tea party and the two wanna get busy. Priceless! haha

  6. Steph

    I love this comic! I forgot the url for a long time and was just dumbfounded until I rediscovered it today! What a pleasant surprise!

    & it’s just as fabulous as ever!

  7. lolrobots

    I seriously hope you continue this comic. It’s absolutely amazing. I freakin’ love the way you draw the characters and how everything is expressed with hardly any words.


  8. Ray

    Citizens demand updates!

  9. Sanders

    Your artwork is just delightful. I really admire how you convey the story without any dialogue. You’ve created such empathetic characters – what a fantastic read.

  10. Nicoli

    please please update! I love your comics, by far the most original thing I’ve read.

  11. Laura

    That teapot is perfectly placed in the 3rd panel

  12. darrylayo

    RoMANtic tea party!

  13. geo

    Blonde girl is soooo hot!

  14. Lynx

    ohman you have no idea how much I love this comic <3

    *waits patiently for an update*

  15. Winnameade

    Zomg I ADORE how the panels start growing twirlybits when things start getting steamy :D

  16. Ashvati

    @Laura: I rofl’d when I checked to see if you were right :P

    I can just see those two getting it on right there while Robert and the other woman sit there all uncomfertable and silent, trying not to look directly at them.

  17. Elaine

    Right in front of the other two? Awkward~
    Until they start at it too, I expect :3

  18. Dillon

    Chester needs to learn when to do the deed, and when not to.

  19. iagneamb

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  20. Spindizzy Wizard

    A foursome? Works for me!

  21. Kira

    I love how in LOVE they are, their passion is through the roof.

  22. brittgurl

    yeah, the husband’s forgiven them, but to do it in front of him when they know it’s a sensititve subject….man, i hope the scientist is gettin some lovin too, else i’ll be pissed

  23. BluArtst

    I love how the panels are rectangular when the story is serious and they become frilly and fancy when romance starts back up

  24. Tarlonis

    Excellent point Brittgurl, it would seem more water has passed under this bridge than we’d have expected it seems.

  25. Star-E-Skies

    Really? During tea time? Infront of the guests/exes?

  26. Tatiana

    They-they’re gonna do it RIGHT there? ._. Orgy!