April 13th, 2009



  1. Angela

    Aw, how nice of him. He fixed her bloomers.

  2. want

    You’re such a tease!!

  3. FayeFigKitty

    i still find it funny that it seems they’ve totally forgotten about their company >.<

  4. Henry Morgan

    Fantasy? Curly borders say yes!

  5. Artgeek

    Oh yeah…just noticed those curly border too….good catch Henry!

  6. Jess Fink

    The curly border is for when things get steamy ;)

  7. KaylaInRainbows

    …always leaves you wanting more! Such a tease ^_^

  8. Beams

    So fantasy or steamy?!

    Oh the teasing… :D

  9. Beans

    Ignore that previous comment!

    I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that this is not polite to do in such company of your ex-husband and his new ladyfriend…

  10. hae

    so awkward for the others if they’re not into joining….

  11. Carmine

    …did they stop to consider who they’re doing that in front of?

  12. Mikhyel

    Ooh, cute frilly panties for the win!