April 15th, 2009



  1. Kiyra

    Oh wow! Another update. This is insanely good. ;)

  2. lolrobots

    I like her facial expression in the last panel!

  3. Lars

    can’t wait to see the reactions of the others! Or perhaps they’re busy getting it on as well :3

  4. Artgeek

    Well i love the close-up of her chest. Gotta love boobies!! Love the detail in that panel!

  5. Intermino

    And all of this is happening in front of her ex and his girlfriend. xD

    PS: Love the comic, your style rocks and I think its awesome that it has no need for dialogue. :D

  6. hoopita

    they’re still sitting at tea with the other dudes? :P

  7. KaylaInRainbows

    The breasts are great, I agree… but it’s the key in between them that sets the whole thing off for me! ^_^

  8. mojo

    are those other two still right there?

  9. TiB

    This whole comic has been absolutely adorable and such eye candy.

    This is eroticism in the gentlest way. I absolutely adore it.

  10. Jim

    What about the guests!?

  11. Jacquee

    So how long until husband and new ladyfriend can’t help themselves and have their own little refreshment?

  12. Saorla

    …. I gonna go with what someone else said. Curly borders say fantasy! :D

  13. Tez

    Aren’t Robert and Isabella still watching?

  14. Beans

    Nup. J-Fizzle herself said curly borders means steamy.
    But that could have just been deception…
    *Trails back through archive looking at borders…*

  15. Mary

    Sigh. This NEVER happens at my tea parties. :(

  16. Paige Trail

    Haha, agreed my dear Mary, agreed

  17. Barbara

    Yeah, I need to have more tea parties. Especially of this kind.

  18. Gizmo

    Yes, hurray for super steamy tea parties!

  19. hae

    I love your naughty curly borders. so art nouveau!

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  21. Tarlonis

    Um. two kisses does not a “new-girlfriend” make, fyi.

  22. Foosline

    Company? What company? Well, hell, we already KNOW that Robert likes to watch, remember when he jacked it while watching Priscilla and Chester get their groove on?

    Also, am I the only one who strangely imagines Priscilla sounding like Francine from American Dad?

  23. Also Madison

    @Tarlonis I think she moved in with them o-o;;