April 20th, 2009



  1. Sheryl

    I wondered when we would get to see the guests’ reactions. :-)

  2. Blair

    I had forgotten about the others in the room until now. :)

  3. ignacious

    go for it s0n! do that thang, we aint got no time :P

  4. Beans

    :D That tea is cold.

  5. Danni

    Wow! LOL “Get a room” never seemed so applicable!

  6. KaylaInRainbows

    …guess it wasn’t a fantasy! Maybe the guests will get inspired! ^_^

  7. Artgeek

    Those expressions are priceless!! I certainly do hope the guests get inspired. Let the awkwardness begin!!! XD

  8. karl

    i’d be amazed if this DIDN’T lead to a foursome

  9. madberry

    I just learned about this comic, and you have a new loyal follower! Really great stuff

  10. vyzion360

    So, just finished reading all of your comics from the first to the most recent. I am so glad I found it! Your comic is pretty much amazing, and now I’m off to spread the word!

  11. Barbara

    That first panel, oh my delicious!

    I looove this comic and will continue to bring in new readers, mwahaha!

  12. Gizmo

    I think you’re right about that tea Beans. Love the expressions in the last panel! hehe!

  13. Apples

    Haha, wow, I really thought it was all a daydream.. Oh my, this comic is the most delicious thing ever.

  14. TharzZzDunN

    Good heavens, it’s just like having tea with the Queen of Wonderland! The hourly orgies are empirical!

  15. Mercury

    It looks like they just noticed, haha. Their expressions are fantastic. They look surprised, as if he had brought out something interesting…which, he might.

  16. Embly

    Nice key-in-the-cleavage look in the first panel. Also, I really, really like the way the panels are separated in these.

  17. Malek

    Well this is great, everyone seems to be getting along so well…

  18. Carmine


  19. OK

    Now she’s a slut. What.

  20. E-rip-mave


  21. Tarlonis

    Um…oh. LoL

  22. Tiffany

    Their reactions are awesome haha

  23. Foosline

    First panel’s gorgeous, last panel’s just hilarious.

    …I want an orgy. I want to see Robert naked again.

  24. Sticky Wickette

    LOVE the comic TWIST :D

  25. Star-E-Skies

    THANK YOU! I was wondering if the other two were creeped out or if the scientist decided to jack off again or what

  26. GlassFlowers13

    I just love the expressions on their faces!