April 22nd, 2009



  1. Gizmo

    Way to be brave Isabell!

  2. Jaded Empath

    How gallant of him.

  3. Tigergulp

    I do believe the lady is excited *nods*

  4. HermioneGrangerTwin


  5. gabriyil

    Oh man, fourth panel, permissive face… So very gorgeous.

    Personally, I’d pick the man. Yes, he doesn’t have a tongue-nose, but I’d pick him anyway.

  6. Rayebs

    last panel Isabel: haaay guys! Wait for me!

  7. NekoNeko

    I’m with gabriyil- I’d choose the man over the robot. Then again, I have a thing for the nerdyish inventor types. Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be curious though…

  8. renQuix

    love chester, too, but i agree with nekoneko and gaybriyil too.
    not that i’m not loving the direction this is heading.

  9. Mercury

    Psh, he’s already learned what happens when you stand between a lady and a robot. He’s probably not eager to repeat the experience.

  10. Jessimay

    I ADORE the brunette character in this comic, she’s so shy and sweet and adorable. And she really was the mender in a lot of ways, convincing the scientist to patch things up – both literally and figuratively – as well as tending to his broken heart in the process. ♥

    Really dynamic. I love everything about this comic.

  11. Louis

    Robert just doesn’t get any breaks does he.

  12. DSHigsby

    Robert:….0-0…….-smirks- awww go on!

  13. Ninez

    Chester gets all the wimmins. PWND!

  14. wmkzyzeh

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  15. Now

    He doesn’t give a crap anymore.

  16. Person thing

    Those first two panels were just fantastic.

  17. Emjay

    I love Isabel’s face in the third panel. In fact, I love the whole third panel. It’s just so cute!

  18. Froggy

    The awkward -crack- of the biscuit made my day.

    That and Robert’s permission face. *drool*

    Can we make a Chester with Robert-likeness? *sparkle eyes*

  19. g3

    erm… did she just kiss him and leave him? (not that I wouldn’t do the same if a guy had such irritatingly low libido!)

  20. Moo

    I love the scientist now. Totally redeemed in my eyes. Awesome.

  21. Foosline

    Hahahaha, those first three panels crack me up. Isabell’s face is just priceless.

    …I dunno, Chester’s awesome and all, but, well, you get the deal. Robert’s hot, I’d hit it, et cetera…

  22. Paxie

    What a guy! (Nothing more to say)

  23. Girl

    shes like lol bye

  24. Star-E-Skies

    “Long as you don’t fall in love with him too, have fun with the vibrating fingers.”

  25. Sidney

    I literally laughed out loud at the girl’s face in panel three.

  26. Weatherworne

    Wow. Robert just gets completely screwed over in every way. The women are just using him and care nothing about his happiness. This is why Chester should have been destroyed.

  27. calambmity