April 27th, 2009



  1. Angela

    I love how long you’ve been able to keep up such a wonderful story with no dialogue! Absolutely gorgeous~!

  2. Snivella

    How they looked each other in a simultaneous question:

    “Shall we?”

  3. Bernadette

    it’s a wonderful comic!! so ‘exciting’.. i also love the absence of dialogue, i am glued to this comic. official addict, right here.

  4. vyzion360

    *giggle* Here’s to hoping everyone gets naked!

  5. Tarty

    Woo HOO!!

  6. didi

    Aww, so sweet. Gentle kisses ftw.

  7. Magdalena

    I love the last panel as the illustration. Each woman has her own personality.
    I wish I had the enlargment of it – gorgeous :)
    Please never give up this comic!!
    Best regards from Poland :)

  8. Ryutso

    Wow. I feel bad for the guy seeing as the kind girl is a lesbian.

  9. Artgeek

    @Ryutso: I think when you haven’t had it (and need it bad) turning lesbian would be natural. hahaha

    I love the look on Pricilla’s face. Like she’s surprised! Considering she was the one getting it on in front of company. XD
    Such open-mindedness…gotta love it!! Seriously though, Tuesday & Thursdays can’t come fast enough. It’s great to see the Finkster’s drawing style getting refined over time.

  10. Artgeek

    Darn right she is! Clam bake for everyone!!

  11. Zombossified

    Wow wow wow

    I am really liking where this is going

  12. ohmy

    beaver burgers for desert! nom nom nom! hopefully Chester goes into a jealous rage and robo bangs them both into oblivion!

  13. Mortal Soul

    kind of wish i could be in Chester’s shoes…lol…
    great at what i do and everyone wants a peace of me XD

  14. Paige Trail

    Honestly, I think it should have been sorta orgy like, with all 4 of them..why did the scientist let her go, isn’t he also getting horny? Also I thought the black haired lady was his comforting shoulder, way to ditch him….

  15. Naura

    Jessssss, you should totally consider posting the comic three times a week. Twice is so not enough, lol :B

    Oh and I wanna see that threesome in action so bad *blushes*

  16. Gizmo

    I think the scientist will come along soon. Plus, he did tell Isabell (dark hair) it was ok in the last comic. I think she’s just lonely and the opportunity presented itself.

    Got to love the last panel, very expressive. ;)

  17. KaylaInRanbows

    @Artgeek: I totally agree! I think it’s hard to deny the beauty of another woman, or the hotness of that woman getting plowed by a robot right in front of you! So I’m not shocked at all…

    …can’t WAIT to see how the Gentleman reacts! O_O

  18. Jumpy

    Well Paige, every now and then people need a shoulder rub. ‘Sides, I think the scientist might enjoy a bit ‘o voyeurism.

  19. Jaded Empath

    a) maybe he likes to watch (see previous events), b) just because he’s letting her join in doesn’t mean he’s giving up on her for good…

  20. James Spencer

    I knew it! The story is about sharing!

  21. Elaine

    Now it’s only a matter of time for Robert too….

  22. hae

    I like where this is going…

  23. Embly

    Panel four is fucking adorable.

  24. Miss Abi

    Foursome time? I hope so!

  25. HUH

    SHE’S GAY NOW???

  26. Tarlonis

    4th and 5th panel’s are perfect, absolutely perfect.

  27. Foosline

    Isabell’s shy face is just adorable.

    Now we can only hope Robert joins in.

    …And gives Chester a try, come on, if Priscilla and Isabell get their shot, it’s only fair…

  28. anon

    This page is the moment when I decided that this is the greatest webcomic ever.

  29. Raela Kay

    Yayyyyy!!!! I had been waiting for a nice lesbian moment to crop up in here…. didn’t think it was gonna happen….. yayyyy