April 30th, 2009



  1. Gizmo

    Wow – they don’t waste a second

  2. Artgeek

    YAY! First! I can just see Chester’s face now…
    He ends up sitting this out while the girls get busy. Kinda like that episode of Friends where Ross has to sit out while his wife has her lesbian fantasy. If Chester doesn’t sit this one out, he’s gonna have to use ALL his appendages to get the job done since now he has twice the audience. :D

  3. KaylaInRanbows

    @Artgeek: I think if anyone has the right amount of appendages & stamina, it’s Chester!

    *still can’t wait to see the Gentleman’s reaction*

    …think he’s gonna pleasure himself again or join in?

  4. BaddGrrl

    Interesting. I may be back in the future.

  5. Vandal

    Just discovered this comic from the link on Wapsi Square. Nice story development with only visuals! And some interesting romantic (and naughty) twists. It’s like a streampunk romance novel crossed with an X-rated film :) Nicely done!

  6. Technorganic

    I’m wondering when the gentleman inventer is going to wise up and just make his own Chesty fem-bot.

  7. milkjunkie

    absolutely WONDERFUL comic. loves it! :D

  8. Jackie-O

    i so hope the doctor joins in………it would be nice and relaxing for him ^^

  9. Dacrazybird

    What a lovely comic.

  10. Pesky

    Nah…. He wont join in…. He seems to get off more on watching!

  11. Artgeek

    @ KaylalnRanbows: He’ll eventually join in. Fink has to up the ante now that she’s on a roll. ;)

    @Technorganic: Now that would be cool. Maybe invent a Chelsea 8000!! Now she would have some interesting mechanics to her….oh the possibilities.*heh heh heh*

  12. Weimann

    @ Artgeek and Technorganic: Chesty or Chelsea? Both names are really good.

  13. AlienEeeter

    Followed a link from GWS. Absolutely beautiful work! I love how you convey your story with no text. Passing it on to my friends….

  14. Magical

    I just noticed the chair hasn’t tipped over yet XD

  15. Tae

    Why would he make a fembot when he can’t even keep up with a human? :|

  16. Ninez

    NO. No femme bot…cuz then femmebot would want manbot and we’d have another lover’s obstruction. They’ve had enough pains for a while. ON WITH THE FOURSOME!!

  17. Carmine

    And once again, poor Doctor’s left to wank all by his lonesome…

  18. @Tae

    Because he could modify the hornyness levels I guess.

  19. Tarlonis

    Doc may just end up a voyeur for life at this rate ;)

  20. Foosline

    Love how Priscilla’s guiding Isabell with the hand placements… very subtle but effective character writing.

    Still hoping the good scientist joins in. And still hoping he gives Chester a whirl. A guy can dream.

  21. Strangebird

    OK … NOW, you’ve got me — Hook, line AND sinker!! – Girl/boy was +/- ; girl and TOY proved to be “interesting” ; toy and new mistress, now I see a glimmer of “Artificial Intel” – he’d begun to LEARN Priscilla’s body and it’s responses; he’d missed her and wanted to be back! — I can’t wait to see how this progresses!

    This is going on my “Daily Pick” list!

    I ‘follow’ several “adult” comixxx online and THIS is clearly one of the best I’ve seen.

    Please don’t give it up!

  22. calambmity

    This was the most logical choice, yes indeed.