May 4th, 2009



  1. Artgeek

    Yum, yum. It’s nice to see Isabell getting some action. I like how in the first panel she’s acting like a guy letting Pricilla ride her. Maybe the scientist has a “contraption” she can “put on”…if you know what i mean… ;)

  2. Harkeides

    Speaking of which, when do you suppose the scientist gets in on this?

  3. Rayebs

    One of the newer things I enjoy about your comic that i’ve noticed, it though there isn’t Dialogue to be exact, their faces often look as though they may be talking to each other. We don’t know what is specifically said, but we can get the jist of it based off your BEAUTIFUL and distinct facial expressions!

  4. lolrobots

    I wonder where the scientist is.. ;-)

  5. Paige Trail

    I seriously wonder what is going to happen to the scientist, will he also get a happy ending?

  6. Artgeek

    This might sound a bit weird but can you imagine…
    If the scientist DOES get involved that Chester may…*cough* help the doctor. Since it seems that gender roles really don’t apply in this comic, at least for the ladies.

  7. suesauple

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  9. E-rip-mave

    Omg suesauple made me laugh so hard. :’D

  10. mr.crowley

    feel bad for scientist
    he gets none