May 7th, 2009



  1. Barbara


  2. lolrobots

    I agree. ^^

  3. Jackie-O

    and look how pleased chester looks! lol

  4. clarin

    awww what about the scientist…come on we gotta have more love for him please ^_^

  5. Tigergulp

    Personally, I prefer a mouth on nipple action. And where is the good scientist? We know he likes to watch already, so what is he doing?

  6. Danni

    I wanted my own Chester and now I want my own Priscilla to :( D

  7. Artgeek

    I like how Isabell’s undergarment has no support for boobies. What next? Crotchless panties?? I suppose it helps get the action going without much hinderance. Can’t wait for the sweat to fly!

  8. Jen


    They already exist. (link is NSFW)


  9. Artgeek

    @ Jen: Oh, i know they exist…i was just talking about the comic…heh heh heh
    Fink has such depths which she hasn’t reached yet that that this comic could technically go on forever. I’m waiting for the debauchery to get to a point where everyone is like, uh…oh….i can’t believe she drew that!

    btw Jen, i like the name of the link you posted: Naughty Knickers! Somehow rolls right off the tongue. ;)

  10. Jen

    I vote that the crotchless panties with garters make an appearance

  11. Weimann

    Mmm, Isabell looks deliciously uncertain. It’s really cute :3 And her underwear is just breathtaking!

  12. Artgeek

    I second that vote!!

  13. blackzabath

    hoping for a four-way

  14. CW

    Actually in the age that the comic is meant to be in (Victorian esque I’m assuming) the bloomers were crotchless. It’s historically accurate.

  15. a

    i seriously love this comic.
    why don’t i post more.
    i’m in love with the scientist, you guys.

  16. Schmoo

    I bet The Scientist is getting REALLY worked up while all of this is going on. Hopefully he’ll get to do more than watch this time!

  17. Jackie-O

    i third!

  18. Artgeek

    I like how Chester’s mustache looks like a sly grin. Good one Jess!

  19. Carlie

    And as I read this I hear from my boyfriend behind me; “ohh, niceee.”

  20. hae

    so pretty! and so delicious!

  21. higgy

    So chester has wooed not only one but both of his women! Must be so nice for Robert

  22. Tarlonis

    Holy schnikies that’s yummy/hot stuff.
    Also…VERT ;) lol

  23. Tiffany

    Chester is a pimp :)

  24. Foosline

    Isabell has a nice pair of bazungas. Ay carumba! This is coming from a gay dude, too…

    (And hey. Chester woos Isabell, Chester woos Priscilla… Chester may as well woo his inventor, too. Let us have a little something!)

  25. zymish

    I agree; those are some incredible breasts.

  26. Grace

    Chester looks like a total pimp in the last panel. Loving it <3