New Bonerfied comic

Hey there. I come bearing boners.

I’ve got an new erotic comic for you. This one was based on a dream I had the other night, that’s RIGHT I even write comics WHILE I SLEEP.

Click the image to read:

It’s an interesting thing to write comics in your sleep. It’s part autobiographical comic and part erotic comic. In case you are wondering, I was the Blond boy.



  1. FayeFigKitty

    Aww, it’s sweet… and hot.

    Me likey! Hopefully there’ll be more

  2. V

    I completely didn’t realize you were a boy (given I’ve only known of this comic for a little over a month). I’m way more turned on now.

  3. ^

    Jess Fink is a girl. Go read her ABOUT JESS FINK tab. In her dream she just happened to be the blond boy.

  4. vyzion360

    Oh my … naughty … me likey.

  5. V

    that makes so much more sense, but I’m never sure b/c i mix up my artists a lot.

  6. Atomsk

    :O allrigth!!!!

  7. Relic

    :O I hope that your dream continues on and we get to see more…

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