Announcing The WIN A DATE WITH CHESTER contest!

Win fabulous prizes! Receive tremendous boners!
Celebrate Chester’s 100th page!!!

I have been doing Chester (heh) for a while now and I am coming up on the 100th page!!  So I am having a contest to celebrate!

The contest requirements:
Send a drawing, comic, painting or what-have-you of some feature you would like to see added to Chester 5000′s repertoire of sexy tools. Here’s an example of one of them:

This should not be just a close up of the feature but a “demonstration” of it’s use. Extra points for including Pricilla!
Entries do not have to be black and white, in fact go fucking nuts!

The fabulous prizes:

3rd place winner:
Both Chester mini comics

2nd place winner:
Chester Paper doll and both mini comics

1st prize winner:
A fancy print of a Chester 5000 page, a Chester paper doll and both books!

An inked drawing of you and YOUR FAVORITE Chester character gettin SAUCY. Do you have a thing for Pricilla? Does the Scientist turn your crank?
Maybe Isabell is the lady for you? YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND.
You also get a Chester paper doll and both books!!!!

Deadline for entries is the day I reach my 100th comic, May 21st!
You can post your entry on your blog or wherever you like but please don’t forget to email it to me here,

JessFink at !


  1. Gwendolyn

    Man! If I could draw I would SO be entering. I don’t know how my husband would feel if I won something, though *giggles*

  2. Lucas

    My wife is encouraging me to draw something, and well I have sketches started. Now if i win Who.


  3. Kiyra

    OMgosh! I knew I was away from the computer too long! Now I have minimal time!

  4. ACD

    Jess, who do I email my entry to?

  5. hail

    i have NO idea how to send my entry! argh! i dont have a blog… :S

  6. hail

    is it.. i feel so stupid! haha

  7. Celaeno

    I tried emailing you my picture but I keep getting an error message: “mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded”

    Is there an alternate address?

  8. Nicole

    I tried to email you too, but your box is full. Is there another way to send or post them or something?

  9. Spencer James

    This is true! I also received a mailbox full rejection. = ( Hopefully there is a quick remedy for this?

  10. vastia

    I have also been trying on and off for hours to send my entry, but I get the same error message as Celaeno.

    This is not cool! Alternate email would be good..

  11. vastia

    jess at jessfink dot com might work… I’ve tried it and haven’t received any error messages so far.

    Man, I hope Jess checks that email.

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