May 14th, 2009



  1. Mortal Soul

    Now thats a little something we all can enjoy. =P

  2. Af

    How can the scientist not notice whats going on and be in the scene too? lol

  3. Artgeek

    Well, having a penis, i can’t enjoy it quite the way Isabell can but i’m willing to try. ;)

  4. want

    What about our good friend the scientist? He must be enjoying the show too!

  5. b

    Man this whole comic makes me want to lick out my girlfriend so much *sigh*

  6. KaylaInRainbows

    Perfection. Oh to be the brunette right now…

  7. Beans

    I reckon the scientist has died in a puddle of various liquids…

  8. Saorla

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm goood times.

  9. Ryry

    So where’s the scientist during all of this?


  10. Artgeek

    @ KaylaInRainbows: Oh, they have only just begun…can’t wait for the next few updates. ;)

    The scientist is too busy with his tea to even notice. I got $5 that says he’s just sitting there drinking his tea with his biscuit having a wicked smile on his face.

  11. Brittle

    I’m putting my money on the scientist wanking off right about now.

  12. Radical

    Isabell is gorgeous ;D

  13. ImaginaryGoddess


    I just flipped through the entire comic and, much like everyone else, I simply LOVE how you can keep this up with no dialogue whatsoever. You’re brilliant!

    Can’t wait for the update :D

  14. Luzie

    @ artgeek, good one. i think he is doing exactly that. we´ll see soon, i hope. i´m sooo looking forward!

  15. Jackie-O

    right now would be a good time to start that four way………XD

  16. Mortal Soul

    @ Artgeek: having a penis myself i know what you mean, but i do enjoy the taste of moist lips. =P

  17. Simply Fan

    With every passing page it’s interesting to watch the story develop, along with the accumulating number of comments. I cannot wait for the next page, and the following after that. Now, like everyone else commenting on this page, I’m wondering what the husband is doing.

  18. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: I’m sure I’ll be saying the same thing (“oh to be her”) throughout the next few panels, at least!

    I’ll take that bet BTW. I bet he’s touching himself…

  19. hae

    @Ryry : masturbating. lollll

  20. gweezer

    im surprised noones sayd it, but i LOVE isabells face in the last frame!!

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  22. Catskinner

    Poor Robert! He gets a new girl and the first thing she does is run off with his ex and her lover! I hope he gets something out of all this in the end…

  23. 1818matt