May 18th, 2009



  1. Jackie-O

    not that this isn’t great, but where is the doctor?

  2. Aiyuri

    I like how he keeps getting referred to as something different.. Doctor, Scientist, etc…

    But I must say, I’m curious as well.. When will he get in on the action?

  3. Artgeek

    Ah, he’s just a red shirt anyway. I still think we need a FemBot in this story soon. Or maybe another ManBot that is more advanced and gives Chester a run for his money.

  4. Tigergulp

    ooooooh I think Chester has a surprise or two in his chasis

  5. Mortal Soul

    He will…though i think once chester does something the Doc will feel the need to do something…you know?

  6. Melly

    @Artgeek, I agree. Definitely a red shirt.

  7. Saorla

    aw that’s not really fair to the scientist. he has baby gravy…. that’s something.

  8. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: He’s not a redshirt! Just… a surprise in the background! I think we’ll all be pleasently surprised at what he’s been up to!

    …and fembot? There’s enough girl going around. I wanna see what Chester’s gonna do to handle all that woman! ^_^

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  10. Carmine

    Given the positions, i’m almost expecting a double-penetration.

  11. Stephen Wells

    Awwww- fingers interlaced in the last panel. How sweet.

  12. Foosline

    I don’t think Robert (the scientist) is necessarily a redshirt… he BUILT Chester, and has been a pretty major part recently. I’m sure we’ll see him soon enough. After all, Priscilla and Chester were getting freaky for HOW long before we cut to Robert and Isabell’s reactions?