May 21st, 2009



  1. Beans

    Seriously the scientist has been out of this for while!

  2. Abd Al-Azrad

    Shush up about the damn scientist. Every damn update…

    I’m sure we could stand to lose Chester in this particular scene too. One-on-one, two-on-one, or two-on-two, either way it’s good, so just relax and let it be.

  3. Mo

    who cares bout the scientist right now.. in my opinion id enjoy the women get sloppy w/ each other for a while.. come on two hot chicks r gettin it on.. thats perfect, cant ask for more here!!

  4. Artgeek

    I think Jess leaves him out cause three is already a crowd and i don’t think she could fit all four of them together. Just a theory. ;)

  5. molly

    nah, she could. We already know he digs the voyeur thing. Hey may join in later.

  6. Ed


  7. Hawk

    So today is the deadline for the contest! I just turned my entry in last night :3 I wonder when we find out

  8. Saorla

    …. suddenly under the impression that the scientist may be getting a turn soon… neither of the ladies are facing the robot. and while chester does have extending limbs, don’t you think that’s a bit too convenient?

  9. vyzion360

    I am seriously in love with the artwork of this comic. It’s pretty much amazing.

    Keep brining us great art and a great storyline! I can’t wait to read updates every Tuesday and Thursday! :D

  10. Rayebs

    last panel, another great example of un spoken dialouge. You know those chickies are saying something to each other as issa is coming out of her cumming high, and that is prolly the first time prissy has ever done to a chick. They just laying back chilaxin as chester undoes their hair.

    chillaxin that is until chester does em both! hurr hurr hurr!

  11. Artgeek

    It’d be interesting to see if people put word bubbles back into the entire comic. Then everyone would put their own words to it. Guarantee that the story would sound a lot different than it does now…almost like mad libs.

    *Although i love the comic as is. ^_^

  12. fang

    cock. NAO.

  13. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: They could TOTALLY fit a fourth in there! If anyone can make it happen it’s Jess Fink!

    I totally dig the idea of word bubbles… I kind of have my own little dialogue in my head anyways, I could only IMAGINE what other people think! Yet I agree… I *LOVE* the comic as is!!!

    Looking at those 2 on his lap… I am in such a state of anticipation! ^_^ *squeels*

  14. Artgeek

    @Saoria: On second look, i agree. It looks like things are getting setup for the scientist to enter.

    @ KaylaInRainbows: It might be a cool little experiment. If Jess chose a small section of the comic (perhaps like 4-5 pgs) and then had everyone put up their own words, just to see how different people read the comic.

    How many people might be interested in doing that? Sounds fun…that is if Jess would be okay with it.

  15. Apples

    The Scientist is enjoying himself immensely right now, I am *sure* of it. We all know he likes that.

  16. Steve Tromble

    Clearly here is where Chester brings out the DoubleCock 3000

  17. jacquee

    I love the little details- like Chester stroking their hair in the last panel.

  18. E-rip-mave

    Chester be pimpin’.

  19. Foosline

    Love the way Isabell’s hair is drawn in the last panel – mainly because it was pulled up into a bun for so long, Chester finally let it down, but the shape alludes the fact that it was in a bun before, too, and not just tumbling down perfectly – really nice attention to detail.