May 25th, 2009



  1. lolrobots

    Chester is such a gentleman. ;-D

  2. Hawk

    I envy Chester so much

  3. Artgeek

    I love how Isabell can fit that whole boob in her mouth. You can tell she is HUN-GRY!

  4. Mortal Soul

    I just want to know what happens. The days are getting longer and longer as I sit and wait for Tuesdays and Thursdays to come along.
    Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way. LOL…

  5. danish sea wench

    @ Mortal Soul- you’re not the only one…!

  6. Mari

    Where’s The Scientist dammit? XU If I were him I would have been in there like five pages ago.

  7. KaylaInRainbows

    Right now Chester seems to be a REALLY handy chair… I’m excited to see him participate more… although I in no way want to seem ungrateful for the copious amounts of girl on girl naughtiness!

  8. Artgeek

    @ KaylaInRainbows: I agree. Can’t argue with ANY girl on girl action. XD

    I bet Jess is waiting to see who wins the contest so she can use the idea in comic. So dirty!

  9. Tigergulp

    Ack! Where’s the Scientist?!

    Jess, stop being a tease! You dirty girl, you!

  10. Jackie-O

    @ Mortal Soul – i agree too, i wish that she would update 3 times a week at least, but at least she’s giving us quality instead of quantity :D

  11. Stridin

    Ummmm, shut up about the scientist. I’d like to see his reaction, but don’t put him in a foursome. Maybe a 2 and 2 split? Group?

  12. spider

    i love chester’s face in this one.

  13. maarvarq

    Yes, girl on girl naughtiness is always good. It does seem however to be pushing the limits of plausibility that the Scientist is watching his new girlfriend suck his wife’s tit (and the rest), but not trying to take part somehow. Of course, we *do* know that he likes to watch.

    BTW, where/when the heck is this happening? The style is Victorian, but the characters’ behaviour is most emphatically not. Alternative universe? Post-apocalyptic revival?

  14. NekoNeko

    >.< This is getting so nice & steamy! I’m guessing that Isabell has quite a bit of pent up frustrations to let loose… I hope the Scientist comes into the picture soon!

  15. Casiopium

    New fan, here. What’s more to say than ‘I love it’ ?

  16. Julialovesyou

    ohmygod, i love this comic! i wish they had Chester 5000 in real life. I’d buy one in two seconds.

  17. Tae

    Why is it that women are either straight or a lesbian? There are in betweens, people!

    And Victorians did a lot of kinky shit, they just kept really quiet and never discussed it.

  18. auden

    speaking of kinky Victorians… did you know that James Joyce wrote a series of scandalous letters to his girlfriend?

  19. Ninez

    Gawd, Chester is so pimp in the last panel. Two hot chicks gettin’ off in his lap with him all cool and collected. All that’s missing is the furry hat.

  20. Mystery Man

    Where in the world is that scientist?!

    I’m going to click next, and I hope I see him. The man needs some respect!

  21. Ellemar

    Hahaha, Chester is such a pimp.