June 9th, 2009



  1. Simply Fan

    Yay for new update! I’ve been checking almost every three hours.
    I love how Chester seems to be having a tough time being a voyuer.

  2. /o_o\

    Chester will get some action as well soon, I hope. And maybe the professor as well.

  3. Jackie-O

    ^^ YAY UPDATE!! and totally loving the sweat drops on chester XD

  4. Barbara

    Mmmm, juicy.

  5. Ysssk

    Ok Been Watching (Like Robert is im sure) for awhile now…
    I have to say I love your technique & your story! Well done!
    PLEASE dont stop Hand drawing these!
    im officially a fan now.

  6. Artgeek

    LOVE that last panel. You can almost hear the moist sound it makes as she slides those fingers right in…..WOOOOOO!!!

    Hooray for updates! We missed you!

  7. Casiopium

    Ha… looks like Chester is having a hard time just watching.

  8. Evil

    Chester’s first threesome. very nice

  9. maarvarq

    All good stuff – not advancing the plot much though :-)

  10. Dragonair

    Chester’s face is priceless.

  11. Zombossified

    Is Chester jealous or aroused?

    Either way, he’s adorable

  12. Mari

    Where’s the Scientist?! *flail*

  13. Ninja_Bare

    Chester is just like ‘must not expode! must not explode!’ hehe

  14. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: I heard the same noise…

    FINALLY some insertion, I’ve been checking sooooo much. When will Jess go daily?

  15. FlailForFun

    No Thursday update this week? ):

  16. Technorganic

    Is it my imagination, or is Chester starting to dislike the lack of attention?

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  18. Foosline

    Chester’s probably thinking “Damn, when’s it gonna be MY turn?!”