June 15th, 2009



  1. Cherelle

    And the poor professor is not sure what to do…should he join in?
    I love your work Jess, its brilliantly done :)

  2. maca

    FINALLY !!! All those saying “where’s the scientist?” will finally be quiet =P

  3. FayeFigKitten

    Finally! He knows he wants to join in, heh

  4. Carlie


  5. FlailForFun


  6. darrylayo

    Oh hello friend. I hadn’t noticed you were still there.

  7. Casiopium

    Oh Scientist, your such a voyeur! I’m sure no one would mind too much if he joined in this time, though, eh?

    I love, love, LOVE the expression on the Widow’s face… that quiet, intense and needy lust.

  8. NekoNeko

    Oh wow… the expressions on everyone’s faces are so hot & sensual! Girl, you really know how to draw a scene! (Good to see the Scientist! Mrow.)

  9. maarvarq

    Oh yes, and Robert looks like he’s going to crack any moment, it’s just… what the heck is taking Isabell’s weight? Both her feet are off the ground, her left hand is otherwise occupied and she’d have to be Spiderman-strong to hold herself up at that angle with her right. The only support I can see is Chester’s knee in a very sensitive part of her anatomy…. ow.

  10. Deanna

    I was wondering the same thing as maarvarq, what’s supporting her? hmmm. I love the way the scientist is staring, this is getting really interesting!

  11. PewPew!

    maarvarq: I think you are probably right to think that her right hand providing a good amount of support. But it also looks to me like her legs are sqeezed against Chester’s to support her a bit more. And as long as chester’s knee isn’t too pointy, that’s probably not painful in the least! And if it would be otherwise, she likely won’t notice in such a situation — prrrrrow and double yowza!

  12. Jackie-O

    oh my do i love this. not only is it so erotic, but its artistically pleasing to the eye on how you planned the movement of the piece..

    also, i must mention that i do agree with NekoNeko that i LOVE everyone’s expression :D

  13. Beans

    :D Like this.

  14. Thoughtfully Unknown

    Hmm… I see what maarvarq is talking about…. Maybe Chester has vibrating kneecaps?… O.o

  15. Jaywolf

    Wow. Just, wow

  16. FlailForFun

    New comic pl0x?

  17. Pesky

    O_O Is the mad scientist actually horny for a change?! Wow…. Hell froze over!

  18. KaylaInRainbows

    O_O I see the sweat beading off of his forehead… there’s no way any man can just sit, watch, and do nothing… good lord the looks on those women’s faces!!!

  19. Mortal Soul

    I have a feeling the Scientist is going to remove Chester’s hand from it’s lovely place and use the Widow’s position to his advantige…lol…but thats just me.

    but i have to agree with NekoNeko and Jackie-O…the expretions are priceless…

  20. Jordan?

    To add to Maarvarqs weight support conundrum: it seems spiderman strength is out…her right hand is occupied as well! She is obviously a witch!

  21. andacavanar

    Knee on the chair is most likely most of the weight distribution.

  22. renQuix

    brb, melting in a pool of my own liquids.
    gosh, that bit with the scientist biting his knuckle in the last panel did me in.

  23. Ninez

    He’s not horny – just very worried. His new girlie is getting a taste of the amazing heated, vibrating Chester 8000 finger tips. OH NOES!

  24. Malek

    what was he thinking, now he will lose her too!!

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  26. Regina

    Oh, how long I’ve waited to see some Sci action! <3

  27. Foosline

    Ah, Robert! Join in! Get naked!

    And it looks like one of Priscilla’s legs is pressed up against Isabell’s chest, too, so maybe that’s providing a little extra support? Though that’s gotta be uncomfortable for Priscilla…

  28. lildirty14

    chester is looking at him like “get your ass over here and help me!”

  29. GlassFlowers13

    I think Chester gets more than the scientist ever did…