# 104 -TEA TIME
June 25th, 2009

# 104 -TEA TIME


Also making a guest appearence in this comic, Chester’s knee! Well alright.

There will be no comic next week and possibly the week after since I will be on summer vacation! Everybody, hold onto your boners until I return. FOR THE GOOD OF US ALL.


  1. Rose

    Hooray! new update! I’ve been stalking this comic for a while now and the art and storyline are utterly amazing. <3

  2. Sarah

    Damn it, Professor, participate for once!

  3. darrylayo

    I know that we will make it through, but can the SCIENTIST survive the wait? Can he, Jess?

  4. lolrobots


  5. Amanda

    The cookies!!! The cookies are going to fall!

  6. Luzie

    oh noes, the cookies +scream*


    i hate waiting -.-

  7. Garrett

    does the scientist have 6 fingers in panel #3?

  8. KaylaInRainbows

    I KNEW IT!!! He’s a voyuer… can’t help himself!!!

    Blue-ballin’ the Scientist for 2 weeks… so not fair!!!

  9. Artgeek

    @ Amanda: That’s what I thought too!!!

    @KaylaInRainbows: I think he’s been blue-ballin’ for much longer than that. Poor guy is going to have his little ballies explode!!!

  10. Mari

    I want scientist-dick! Hurry up with your vacation! XU

  11. Pesky

    Its about time that he gets turned on by SOMETHING!

  12. Bec


  13. Alexander

    Happy belated birthday! I read that it’s your birthday, right?

  14. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: By all rights, he should be ball-less and passed out by now. Poor guy… SOMEONE GET HIM OFF! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY PEOPLE!!!

    …and oh noes! Teh cookies! O_O

  15. Tigergulp

    Jess is a terrible tease! Leaving us for weeks on end with no release! Bad Jess!, bad! *waves rolled up newspaper*

  16. FlailForFun

    Jess is indeed a terrible tease. ):

  17. Brittle

    @Pesky: If I recall correctly the good scientist had been turned on by his wife using Chester before he realized she had fallen in love with the robot.

    Personally I hope he doesn’t just get to look but join in.

  18. a

    i just read the entire series in one sitting ^^
    waiting for the next update!

  19. NekoNeko

    Yayy!! Our beloved Scientist returns! One can only hope that he joins in on the fun at some point in the near (or far) future!

    It’s sooo hot that you can’t see his whole face right now… (Just about everything about this comic is hot, come to think about it…)

  20. Cherelle

    Jess, please can we have another update? :( Chester cannot hold that position much longer! >.>

  21. renQuix

    ohwow. i guess i’m a bigger fan of solos than i thought i was.
    i loved this page.

  22. MagicMegan

    I love this comic its had me bouncing in my chair and to to point of tears, come on scientist!

  23. ghztxid

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  24. Carmine

    Like I said.

    Doc gets to wank all by his little lonesome.

  25. Froggy

    Poor Robert NEVER gets any love. XD

  26. omi

    @ garret i do believe he does HES A WITCH CLEANSE HIM WITH FIRE.
    also really good comic

  27. ooa3603

    or maybe he’s a voyuer