July 14th, 2009


Alright you filthy people!

We are back in business.

Why, yes I did have a nice vacation. A souvenir? Does my rock hard boner count?
Seriously, my buddy Pete gave me a cock and balls squirt gun for my birthday. Now I have TWO boners.

Speaking of boners, if you like sex toys this is an amazingly wonderful site to buy them from:


Each and every product has a review, a safety rating, customer reviews and shots of the toy at actual size! That is what I call quality assurance.


  1. Pesky

    YAY! I thought this thing went the way of BlueCrashKit! (A comic that used to update everyday until they abandoned it for over a year).

  2. Luzie

    what the heck is chester doing?

    btw my new kitten is named chester, he is kinda filthy, so i thought it would match :D

  3. darrylayo

    Welcome back to the business, boss! There’s more twistism and contortionism happening, excellence!

  4. KaylaInRainbows

    Uh oh… someone is going for a ride!!! ^_^

  5. Rose

    Awww… Chester’s even jealous of the other girl kissing HIS girl. <3

  6. Arky

    There goes my theory that robots don’t sweat… ¬¬

  7. Nicolarolla

    Oooh! Maybe Chester is not quite happy about his human lovah enjoying another woman! (And Jess… this comic has just been awesome from the start. Glad to see it didn’t vanish when adult-web-comics did.)

  8. Mortal Soul

    its a hand off to the Scientist. really didnt see that coming…

  9. Poop

    jess, i missed you

  10. Ninez

    I think she was sittin’ on his tool funny. Remember the swing scene where he was tenting his pants? Sometimes that thing gets loose on it’s own…and even though she’s a delightful lap-ful…not so delightful in certain positions.

    Go, go, Gadget Ass-lifter!

  11. cyzvvvyf

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  12. fiddle

    i have been keeping up and just had to comment on a few details…

    love how chesters hand is under his womans thigh and the widows fingers r still in penetration mode

    smexy smexy lil details are the best, thanks jess

  13. Kira

    Omg, I love EF. I review there, they rock! Go Jess!