Mocca Mocca Mocca!

As you can probably guess there is not update this week! That is because I am doing the mad dash to MOCCA the best comic book convention you have ever heard of!

I will be at the Mueseum of comic and cartoon art’s yearly comic con in New York city this weekend, held at the Lexington ave. Armory between 25th and 26th street! I will be at table 328, and I will have THINGS. Chester books, We Can Fix It books, Chester prints and all manner of goodies! If you are in town, why not stop by and say hello?



  1. Suki

    I COULDN’T FIND YOU D: ITS SO HARD! OTL i found most of the people but..i couldn’t find you D:

  2. ):

    You missed the second update two weeks ago as well. ):

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