Deadlines looming…

Hey ladies and Gents and everything in between.

Only one update again this week, I am just trying to get my head above water. So many deadlines looming, so little time!

I’ve been cooking up some Chester shirts and things to throw in the store, so stay tuned for that business.

In the mean time check out this fantastic drawing Emily Erwin did of me! Gosh and golly!

Hooray for boobies!

more of her stuff here:



  1. Mark

    This is why you are queen of boners! Seriously! Rock on Emily!

  2. FlailForFun

    So there’s no update at all this week (week of 6/22)? ):

    I want moar boners. ;-;

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  5. Chiyo

    I saw this image and thought of your comic :)

  6. Radarwarner Friends

    many greetings to chester from Germany – :-)