July 28th, 2009


Hey there everyone.

Update is a little late today, that is because I had to go to the hospital last night! How is that for you? Luckily It was just some stomach pain, nothing serious.

I have been getting some emails lately where people ask me me or wonder how to make money off of sexy comics. Well I have to tell you, I haven’t figured that one out yet myself!
Even when I was making comics for Eros the pay wasn’t why I did it.

I have a full time job in the video game industry. I often work long hours but I still find time to make Chester happen. All I can suggest to you is if you want to make comics, make them your priority and make time for them no matter what!

Anyway in other news I am going to be uploading some more goodies tomorrow and hopefully getting some more books printed for the shop, stay tuned!



  1. John Evans

    Okay, then how do you make money in the video game industry?

    (I’m joking…or maybe not! ;) )

  2. vyzion360

    You know … not that I’m second guessing you or anything … but you could totally make money off of this if you desired … I mean … you have an incredible talent that will continue to draw more and more people should you so wish …

  3. Cherelle

    She certainly could, others, such as Scott Kurtz, pvponline comic, have and do so. However it takes a hell of a lot of dedication, and there’s always shaky ground getting there in the first place. So possibly shes doing the wisest thing she can; selling some merchandise, but also maintaining a stable job on the main front so as to be sure of an income, at least until the comic takes off completely ;)

  4. Samantha

    So I found your comic from a sidebar on A Softer World, and I was looking through your links and realized you’re in Troy! I live in Troy, too (at least till Friday when I move to NH)! It was just funny because I happened to stumble upon your site and you live in the same city. Weirddd. Love the comic!

  5. geekbot

    I completely agree with Cherelle. Best to keep the steady job and hold off on the leap. If it’s meant to be it’ll happen – and with the level of talent Jess has, I’m certain it will some day! :)

  6. Beans

    We’re all ignoring the giant robot penis, aren’t we?

  7. Kitten

    Of course we are.

  8. Mr.Giggles

    Make this a dildo and men will forever be replaced, so plz dont make it!!

  9. Miss Tris

    I think I have one of those!

    *rummages through boxes*

  10. Naura

    I think we should stop ignoring the giant robot penis.
    I actually like it. A lot.

  11. Ninez

    Mmm…I dunno if’ I’d want one of those. Most of the extras sound good except the interlocking circular steel. Interlocking steel rings on a self-thrusting cock + soft fleshy lady-bits = WORST pinching EVAR!!!

  12. akemblirpf

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  13. Lezley

    So awesome hot – I love it! Print a book. I will buy.

  14. Mui

    The benifits are very nice…..But the penis of steel is Scary!

    This comic is great and I love your style.

  15. 3rdLeg

    Can we get an accurate measurement on that thing?

  16. Foosline

    I dunno, the steel rings and pinching do sound horribly painful, but… clearly, it doesn’t bother Piriscilla one damn bit.