July 22nd, 2009



  1. DAS

    Ohhhhhh, the anticipation!

    It’s mounting, alright! :D

  2. Mungodingle

    I just found and read this comic all in one sitting. The ink wash coloring as well as the art work is simply stunning and very moving for both body and mind. Thank you do much, keep up the good work!!

  3. lorena

    can’t….wait…till tuesday!

    i love how the gender flip of her inserting the key into chester!

  4. Steve

    Such a subtle, simple act, but with such a history. Beautiful artwork, too. :o )

  5. NekoNeko

    I love how dominant Pricilla is in this panel! I know this is an overused phrase, but she looks fierce!

  6. Twilightfairy

    Oh this is beautifully done.

    But you tease us!

  7. mangj

    i think anal intercourse will follow…

  8. shmoeepie

    im really enjoying this comic, it has a certain….OOMPH, to it. that probably didnt make sense…oh well :]

  9. Meep

    If Chester has a crotch keyhole…

    Wouldnt that make it a vagina?

  10. S.J. Hartsfield

    Totally agreeing with NekoNeko. I don’t know how I should feel about thinking that her finger in that keyhole is hot, but I TOTALLY think that.

  11. Leprechaun

    the suspense!!!

  12. Casiopium

    Chester is getting a good hard teasing before she lets him ‘out’ so to speak! I love it.

  13. KaylaInRainbows

    It amazes me that he’s still holding the other girl up! You do so know how to tease us Jess…

  14. Ottsela

    unf, just ruined a perfectly good pair of panties over this comic. I love the art and story! <3 keep it comin

  15. Lacey

    I just happened to stumble onto this web comic to day and it was love at first page!!!! Your an amazing artist and I love this story!

  16. renQuix

    oh, no!
    i’m going to die, waiting for an update.
    brb, subscribing.

  17. MastodonFarm

    Hey, watch it! That’s a printer port, not a finger hole!

  18. BarGamer

    Found this comic through Anders loves Maria, and I gotta say, I love what I see.

    Would you be offended if I described this comic as a Victorian-era Chobits? Except that it’s SO MUCH more!

  19. Jolin

    …I actually finished the entire archive.

  20. Miss Tris

    Hi :) LOVE your comic!! <3

  21. LilGreenChocobo

    I am amazed at how compelling this comic is. I love everything about it, the art style, the story, and especially how everything is expressed so well without any dialog.

  22. Dillon

    Apparently there was one law of robotics back then – no robot penis without explicit permission from a human! Can a robot get blue balls?

    Also: I think I might dress up at Chester for Halloween.

  23. Huh...

    Ignore Chino’s post. What he wrote and sees this comment is a waste. The artwork is beautiful and like no other. Having no dialoque allows the reader to be pulled deeper into the comic. Chino just because you dont pay attention to whats going on, doesn’t mean the comic is a ‘waste’. Incase you missed it, the robot was built for that…

  24. acteon

    I know this is getting a bit repetitive, but I just finished going through the archive, (took me two days) and I’m in love! I just don’t know how you guys kept this secret from me all this time! It combines two of my favourite things, steampunk and smut and is wonderfully sensitively drawn to boot. Yes, yes, it isn’t strong on plot, but whatddaya want, good plot or baaaad action? I just think it’s more related to Victorian erotic potboilers and naughty postcards than Jane Austen. (Now I’m really going to have to read and watch “Tipping the Velvet”) I’m a huge fan of “Hark! A Vagrant” with its incredibly witty, wordy and sophisticated humor, but I also adore the “silent film” treatment of Chester. And the framing is so artistic–the triptychs, swirly borders that go to the flower as things get to a head, heart-shaped frames and so on and so on! And I’m also so in love with the community. Depending on preference, it seems we all wish we had a Chester/were Chester (@Dillon: I certainly know my next cosplay costume) I just wish we could have big old Con and get to meet each other!

  25. Alley

    This is absolutely stunning work. I read it all in one night, and I`m extremely impressed. I`m not usually into erotica, but this is wonderful. The fact that you do it without a stitch of dialogue is impressive. You`re a wonderful artist C:

  26. Scarzii

    Chino is obviously a retard, and rather rude. Jameason is also kind of rude, to be hones. Don’t listen to them!

    You’ve done an amazing job with this comic, and the art is wonderful, along with the story. The lack of dialogue adds to the charm of this amazing comic. Please keep up the good work, Jess.

  27. Scarzii


    Also, can’t wait for an update! :) !!

  28. Soren

    Hey, got here from anders loves maria. Now that’s a great comic, just finishing reading all the archive. Love how you dont need words to tell a story.

  29. Tabberz

    I’m yet another new reader, and I just wanted to say.. Wow! I love everything from the storyline, to the characters; from the art, to the lack of text! Keep it up, you’re doing an awesome job!

  30. Eliza Frye

    Hey Jess! I haven’t seen you since LiveJournal! Someone sent me a link to this comic today and all I have to say is wow! Your drawing and painting style is superb and the story as totally sucked me in. Hope I see you at con sometime soon. It would be lovely to say hi in real life too. :)

  31. ragnarokt

    Does anyone else think this is still a wavy-border fantasy, and after it is over they will all just be sitting there staring at each other across the table?

  32. VERT

    Needs more VERT

  33. MishaPowerauto

    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!
    jessfink.com – cool!!!!

  34. SergeyNikolaev

    Excellent site. It was pleasant to me.

  35. bobbi

    Chino, you may know what you like, but you don’t know art. Look again, and look deeper. Take your time and think about it.

    Priscilla may have a naked breast against his chest, and he may be possessing her naked bottom, but look at the expression on her face. Priscilla is most assuredly in control – and not just because she possesses the key. She is about to have herself a wonderful time.

    So look again, Chino. Look at that smile on her face. Somehow, I bet you’ve never had a woman look at you like that. If you ever do, relax and really enjoy. You’re about to find out just how much better it is when it isn’t all about you.

    You go, girl!

  36. Meg

    I love it. I’m always a fan of a story with no words. The facial expressions are exquisite and unique. You keep us dangling at your fingertips!

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  38. dimagromovfoto

    I like that you separate fate from destiny. There is something to be said for trying to account for the idea that we can sometimes fail to fulfill our destiny.

  39. Defiterka

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  40. lepsobedele

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  44. Jeremiah Sweet

    If only I had a greenback for every time I came to jessfink.com! Great read!