July 21st, 2009


Hey everyone!

A few people have been bugging me recently to put some books up for sale in my shop, so you know what? I finally did!

There are also some other goodies in there to grope at, like Chester dolls, prints, AND there is also a Chester t-shirt for sale over here:


boners up!


  1. has

    I adore chesters expression in the first panel. Beautiful.

  2. Amanda

    A store! Ludicrous I say! Smashing.

  3. Sara

    <3 Keep on arting on in your glorious way!

  4. Naura

    YAY, the key :3

  5. Mike

    I feel another technical diagram coming on…

  6. Mari

    Get back to scientist cock, plzkthx

  7. Leprechaun

    Chester: “Madam, its time”

  8. Casiopium

    Demanding, aren’t you Mari? I do believe this comic is called ‘Chester 5000 XYV’, though and not ‘Scientist’.

    I love the third panel, that teasing expression.

  9. KaylaInRainbows

    FINALLY! Chester wants to use the key… there should be a lot of… ahem… ‘manliness’ in the upcoming strips, what with the scientist jerking off behind the table and Chester’s parts coming out! DRAW MORE FASTER. *doesn’t want to wait*

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  11. calli

    Hee-hee, panel three. Such a tease. <3

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  14. Lucide

    Love her expression in panel 3.
    Just something so… arousing about it.