July 30th, 2009



  1. Beans

    Oh mai.

  2. MagicMegan

    oh dear lol i love this comic

  3. Amanda

    I like the pointy “v”s around her bum hehehehehe…

  4. Mike

    The technical term is “majesty”.

  5. Erin


    … uh… well okay.. you… yeah, that’s.. consummation alright…. o_o

  6. Scarzii

    Why are ther pointy V’s around her bum, anyway? D:

  7. Downer

    Just finished reading the comic up to this point after seeing the link on another site. I came in not sure what to expect, even half expecting a typical erotic comic with an odd twist.

    What I got instead was a surprisingly hot piece of erotic art, with an equally surprising depth to it, all told through a unique style. Being able to express so much without words. I am impressed! ;)

  8. Barbara

    Scarzii : its a wonderful, dynamic, sound effect thing! Ever watch good old campy Batman? haha what a thing to compare it to…:P

  9. Miss Tris

    Another wonderfully seductive facial expression!

    And, yeah, her bum is cute too :P

  10. Scarzii

    Oh! I get it now. Thanks Barbara. (:
    And yeh, what a thing to compare it to indeed. :P

  11. Tatiana

    Hey there Miss Jess Fink,

    Doubt you remember me. I emailed you back when this was still on that adult comics website, instead of it’s own. Tatiana? Anywho, I hadn’t seen this in a while, because I wasn’t sure if you were still updating.

    I’m so happy I came back to it, it is absolutely wonderful. I find myself teetering on the edge of excitement, and cannot wait for more. I hope one day to buy this in a book-style?

    If only I could buy a Chester too…

  12. Twilightfairy

    Oh man chester, give it to her, she wants it.

    I think VERT is my new favorite sound effect.

  13. start wearing purple

    i am so hoping for anal

  14. battery operated boy

    followed a link here from Anders Loves Maria. the only other comic of yours i’ve read is the time travelling one which I really liked. Chester, however, is an opus. bravo!

  15. S.J. Hartsfield

    The suspense is killing me! Will they? Won’t they!? AGH!

    Well, yeah, I mean I *know* they will, but you know what I mean.

    Also, how’s Isabell faring through all this? She’s got to be worked up into a frenzy by now.

  16. KaylaInRainbows

    Are we all ignoring the fact that he STILL has the other girl in the air? I need a wider shot of all the action… sceintist jerking off, other girl in acrobatics, AND ALL THIS JUICINESS WITH CHESTER? *head explodes*

  17. Artgeek

    @ KaylaInRainbows: I thought about that too but i figured the scientist would catch her…..with his penis. HA! >.<

  18. Jessi

    I especially like the face-lick

  19. acteon

    Whoops! the fitting in last panel does not look like fig. 4 or like the *ahem* biological model. I think a 180-degree adjustment in TDC is required. The feminine parts are, however, quite satisfactory!

  20. Ninez

    @acteon: sooo….you want him to be behind her instead of in front? Or standing on his head? Or did you mean something more along the lines of a 30 degree upward tilt (mmmmmmm….).

  21. Mari

    Scientist cock plz

  22. Siobbhan

    So you could say she’s got majesty coming out of her bum?

  23. Eve

    You know, I happened upon this comic the same time I found Royksopp’s song “Girl and the Robot” (complete with chorus, “I’m in love with a Robot”) and now I can’t read the comic or listen to the song without thinking of the other.
    Of course, that song is just one of the many now that turn me on. Damn self-conditioning.

  24. Artgeek

    # acteon: Nice catch…so busy looking at her naughty bits i totally missed it. It is true that we are looking at the underside of his….tool. BUT keep this in mind, being a robot for multiple functions, he may be able to rotate his tool based on the desired effect. *ahem* scientifically speaking. :D

  25. Ali

    Oh my goodness, the way she’s licking his robo-face is the cutest thing ever!

  26. lizzie

    wonderful art work <3, brilliant story, but please!! show me the scientist!!

  27. Miss Tris

    I’m going with the rotation theorie. *nods*

  28. Joy

    rotation theory lmao

    it would be very appropriate.

  29. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: YOU’RE BACK! lol. I was wondering what happened to you! And yes, that would be a FABULOUS way to get caught! ^_^

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  31. calli

    hooray for the return of VERT

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  33. Kat

    I love “VERT”. It’s so much more original than “SPROING”, and in this case, the “less obvious” choice. :D

  34. Liko

    “VERT” is the new “SNIKT”