August 4th, 2009



  1. Jonathan

    Yummy! *drools*

  2. Naura

    Theeeeere’s Scientist’s Cock, yay :3
    I love how Chester enjoys it! But I can’t wait to see what the scientist does :o

  3. grandpa slim

    If history repeats itself, he won’t really last all that much longer. Then again, who knows what happens to him with actual human interaction. That widow looks hungry enough to devour the whole room.

  4. LeahL

    Hmm… I’m trying to decide what’s happened to the dearest lady in the air? Her new friend is wanking on the sidelines, the robot she purchased is having fun with another lady, and she… why she’s still up in the air! I bet she’s thinking “ugh, technology these days” LOL

  5. Scarzii

    What happened to the widow? The Scientist is so selfish! );

  6. Twilightfairy

    See Scientist, that’s what you’ve been missing.

  7. Artgeek

    Still waiting for the great acrobatic penis catching.
    its like a trapeze act at the circus…but with throbbing hard penis. XD

  8. maarvarq

    Am I reading too much into the artwork of panel 3, or does Robert’s foreskin *completely* cover his penis? :-)

  9. Ashvati

    Who else here wants to see some DP?

  10. KaylaInRainbows

    @Artgeek: I’d join that circus… SO MUCH JUNK IN THIS ONE!!! *swoons*

  11. Lunkwill

    Lovely :)

  12. NekoNeko

    Oh man… poor Widow… she’s just left hanging! (Literally!)

  13. Artgeek

    @ Ashvati: I’ve been waiting for something like that for a while now. Gawd knows there are enough appendages now between all of them.

    @ KaylaInrainbows: I just love how moist she is…so much so that there is a river flowing down her leg. LOVE IT!! Everytime i see those details i imagine a SLORP or SLURP sound…

  14. Naura

    @Ashvati: I do :3

  15. HerTurn 2 | Free Adult Stories

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  16. KED

    I had assumed the scientist’s penis was supposed to look circumcised, while Chester’s includes a foreskin-like design for greater pleasure.

  17. Foosline

    Hi, Robert’s penis! We’ve missed you! Tell Robert’s ass to pop out and play!

    Heh, wonder what Isabell’s doing and thinking right now?

  18. Also Madison

    All your talk of DP is going to make hanging out in my school’s art room during DP II (Draw-Paint Two) HILARIOUS.